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If you want to catch more fish or learn new fishing tactics, expand your perspective with these highly recommended videos.

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The more fishing knowledge you have, the more fish you catch. Unlock a wealth of knowledge with these critically acclaimed fishing videos.

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The Latest Saltwater Videos

Learn new fishing tactics and techniques of improve upon the ones you already have. Bottom line: Fish Smarter with In The Spread

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The Latest Freshwater Videos

Take your fishing IQ to a higher level. Preparation starts in the mind. Expand your fishing situational awareness with In The Spread fishing videos.

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In The Spread is the premier fishing video platform, for improving your technical knowledge. We are only about hardcore learning. Our fishing videos feature great fishing minds from all over the world. Use their experience, build your confidence, catch more fish. Watch, listen and learn from top saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing captains, guides and anglers. Save yourself time and money and fish smarter with our fishing videos.

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Unlock an unforgettable learning experience. Join on a MONTHLY basis or get 2 months FREE with YEARLY. Discover the most extensive and diverse collection of instructional fishing videos in the world. Our comprehensive learning system offers technical information and practical methodologies related to baits, tackle, tactics, techniques, rigging, conditions and boatmanship critical to successful saltwater fishing and saltwater fishing.


Fish Smarter with In The Spread

First and foremost, we are lifelong fishermen. Our founder, Seth Horne, has been freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing his entire life. The idea to produce and distribute instructional sport fishing videos arose from Seth's desire to learn as much as he could about offshore fishing. In that vein, he started filming the guys he was fishing with, so he could go back and re-watch what they were talking about. He figured if he was curious, others had to be. So, why not share this information through high quality fishing videos. As he got further into his global fishing travels, the subject matter expanded to inshore fishing and the pursuit of freshwater apex predators. Today, we have grown into a team of saltwater and freshwater fishermen who each possess unique skills, deep intellect and a thirst for sharing fishing knowledge. In The Spread is now the premier fishing video platform. Our singular mission is help build your confidence by sharing skills, techniques and overall experience.

We are dedicated to working with the very best fishermen from around the world, to provide you with highest level information. We try to make it easy to find good quality fishing information. That is why we created this library of fishing videos. Why spend countless hours combing the internet in search of quality videos that actually help you catch fish, when you can come to one site? Our fishing videos are much longer than most, for a reason. Many of the fishing concepts we cover require lengthy presentations, in order to fully cover the subject matter. In The Spread drills as far into how to fish for a range of species as we possibly can, so you will know what works in a variety of situations. In The Spread strives to help build your confidence with our fishing videos. With knowledge comes confidence and with that comes better, smarter fishing. Catch more now.

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  • Nov 30, 2021 With all things fishing, inshore or offshore, to get better you must continually learn. There are loads of innovators out there developing new tackle, electronics and ways to present baits. Sure, the old ways work, but to thrive in today's ...

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  • Nov 19, 2021 Wahoo is not only a fish but a fish exclamation due to their extraordinary fast speed. Wahoo is the fastest fish in the sea. It is also one of the best-valued game fish due to its high-quality flesh.

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  • Nov 11, 2021 Bass fishing is as complicated as any other sport. It has skill sets that must be learned and when you go with a good guide you should always be able to learn something. A little subtle change sometimes can make ...

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  • Nov 11, 2021 Great eyesight and strong instincts make tuna leery of anything not completely natural. This equates to tuna displaying extravagant hook shyness. These fish can be discerning to the point of ignoring hooked baits in the midst of a feeding frenzy.

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  • Oct 27, 2021 Big drum are not easy to catch on artificial baits so live shrimp and cracked blue crabs work best. As far as eating, stick to the smaller or puppy black drum. Their meat is white, sweet and quite delicious. Stick ...

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