Vexan 7' 6” Inshore Fishing Rod for Musky - Cory Allen Review

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Instructor: Cory Allen
Categories: Freshwater Muskie

Discover the excellence of Vexan 7' 6” MH Inshore Spinning Rods for musky fishing. Praised by Cory Allen for their strength and versatility, these rods blend Titan™ Technology with superior Fuji components. Ideal for casting light lures or battling big muskie, they're a must-have for any serious angler. Elevate your muskie fishing experience with Vexan.

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Video Summary:

  • Cory Allen review: A breakdown of the performance of an inshore fishing rod for musky
  • The Vexan 7' 6” MH Inshore Spinning Rod: A versatile rod with a soft tip and solid backbone, ideal for both light presentations and handling big musky.
  • Key Features: Titan™ technology for strength and flexibility, alloy guides for smoother casts, and high-quality Fuji components.
  • Musky Fishing: A challenging sport targeting large, elusive muskie fish. Requires skill, patience, and the right equipment.
  • Rod Specifications: 7'6" length, medium-heavy power, suitable for various fishing techniques, and perfect for musky, bass, and walleye.

Musky Rod

Musky, or muskellunge, is a species of large, freshwater fish known for its elusiveness and strength, making it a prized catch for anglers. Muskie fishing demands not only skill but also the right equipment, particularly a robust and versatile rod. The Vexan 7' 6” MH Inshore Spinning Rod, applied to muskie fishing and reviewed by Cory Allen, is an exemplary choice for both novice and experienced muskie fishers. This article delves into the features of the Vexan spinning rod and its suitability for targeting big muskie fish.

Unveiling the Vexan 7' 6” MH Inshore Spinning Rod: A Game-Changer for Musky Fishing

The Vexan 7' 6” MH Inshore Spinning Rod is a marvel in musky fishing technology. Its nice soft tip is complemented by a solid backbone, essential for casting lighter lures yet robust enough to handle big musky. This dual capability means anglers can enjoy the best of both worlds: casting light presentations far and wide, while also being ready for the thrilling challenge of reeling in a big muskie fish.

Feature-Rich Design for Optimal Performance

  • Titan™ Technology: The rod is crafted using a modified IM8+ Titan™ technology blank, offering an extraordinary blend of strength, flexibility, and sensitivity. This makes it perfect for detecting even the subtlest bites from muskie fish.
  • Alloy Guides: The rod employs super light alloy guides with strong 316ss alloy guide rings. This design ensures smoother casts and reduces wear and tear on the fishing line.
  • Fuji Components: Quality is evident in the use of high-grade Fuji® components, from the reel seats to the revolutionary handle design, enhancing the overall fishing experience.

Specifications Tailored for Muskie Fishing

  • Length and Power: With a length of 7'6" and a medium-heavy power rating, it's a versatile tool for musky fishing. It's capable of handling line ratings from 10-20 lbs (mono) and 20-40 lbs (braid), with a lure rating of 3/8 - 3/4 oz.
  • Versatility: This rod is not just limited to musky; it's also effective for bass and walleye fishing. Whether you're casting light inline spinners, soft plastics, or twitch baits, this rod ensures you're prepared for various scenarios.

The Allure of Musky Fishing: Understanding the Species

Musky are often regarded as the apex freshwater game fish in North America. Known for its size and agility, musky fishing is both a challenging and rewarding endeavor.

  • Behavior and Habitat: Muskies are elusive, probably to toughest freshwater fish to catch. They're known for their sudden, powerful strikes, making them a thrilling catch.
  • Size and Appearance: They can grow exceptionally large, with some surpassing the goldstandard of 50 inches. Their elongated body and sharp teeth make them unmistakable.
  • Fishing Techniques: Successful muskie fishing often involves a combination of patience, skill, and the right equipment. The Vexan spinning rod's versatility allows anglers to adapt their techniques to different conditions and musky behaviors.

Cory Allen's Endorsement

Musky guru Cory Allen praises the Vexan 7' 6” MH Inshore Spinning Rod for its versatility and strength. Its soft tip and solid backbone are crucial for casting lighter presentations while being robust enough to handle big muskie. This rod enables anglers to cast effortlessly over long distances, a critical factor in muskie fishing.


The 7'6" MH Inshore spinning rod is for those times when the bass and walleye guys are making you look bad on the musky front. Perfectly at home throwing everything from 1/4 ounce inline spinners and soft plastics to any assortment of diminutive twitch baits, such as husky jerks and Rogues. This rod lets you be confident in having all the bases covered for size control without sacrificing the power to bring a 40 lb musky to the net. Don't laugh; we all see every year how big some of the muskies are caught by anglers targeting smaller species, usually on the days when conventional musky anglers are drawing blanks. Don't get caught with your pants down on those days, and be sure to make a few of your own. This rod will make you a hero on the days everyone is drawing zeroes.

Cory Allen

The Vexan 7' 6” MH Inshore Spinning Rod - Your Musky Fishing Companion

The Vexan 7' 6” MH Inshore Spinning Rod is more than just a tool; it's a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and angler satisfaction. Its design, infused with advanced technology and components, makes it an ideal choice for pursuing the elusive musky. Whether you're a seasoned angler or new to the sport, this rod promises to enhance your muskie fishing adventures.

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Cory Allen

Cory Allen, known as the Tennessee Muskie Authority, has years of expertise in muskie fishing. He is a skilled guide in the Tennessee River drainage basin, specializing in understanding muskellunge behavior and environmental conditions. Allen's dedication to his craft and continuous learning make him a valuable resource for both seasoned and novice anglers.

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