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Mike Dupree

Captain Mike Dupree, a premier angler and filmmaker, is known for his passion for fishing and sharing his experiences with the X-Rayted Fishing Team. He combines his love for the outdoors with authenticity and adventure, capturing moments on camera to immortalize them. Slick's dedication to honesty and transparency makes him a respected figure in the local fishing community.


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Captain Mike "Slick" Dupree, a proud native of North Carolina, is a versatile figure in the outdoor adventure scene, wielding a reputation as a premier angler, avid hunter, and skilled filmmaker. As the energetic force behind the acclaimed X-Rayted Fishing Team, Slick combines his love for the great outdoors with an unrelenting commitment to authenticity and adventure.

Self-taught, self-filmed, and self-produced, Slick is the quintessential outdoorsman. From the tranquil Piedmont's wood ducks, turkeys, and freshwater fish to the coast's thrilling inshore tournaments and pelagic fish hunts, there's virtually no corner of North Carolina's wild that Slick hasn't explored. Not one to rest on his laurels, he continues to seek new adventures and recently refined his approach to slow trolling for his favorite catch, the Wahoo.

Captain Dupree’s home base is Cape Pointe Marina on Harkers Island, a beautiful location that has allowed him to become a revered figure within the local fishing community. A United States Coast Guard-licensed Captain, he is 100 percent committed to honesty and transparency, always sharing his experiences and methods, not as definitive "how-tos" but as his personal "how I." This philosophy, rooted in the understanding that there is no single correct approach to outdoor exploration, underscores his respect for the individuality and spontaneity of every adventure.

Slick's other unique offering is his penchant for capturing adventures on camera. Not only does he strive to put you on the fish, but he also brings along his camera to immortalize these moments, transforming fishing trips into cherished memories and possibly even YouTube sensations, with the participants' permission.

Captain Slick's extensive experience, spanning from bass tournaments to redfish and King Mackerel tournaments, adds to his credibility and places him amongst the most knowledgeable and respected captains in the area. An adventures with him is about much more than just the thrill of the hunt or the satisfaction of a successful catch; they're about celebrating the wild beauty of North Carolina and sharing this passion with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. In all his exploits, Captain Mike "Slick" Dupree brings his love of the outdoors to the forefront, inspiring and engaging audiences with his unique blend of adventure, education, and transparency.

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