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Mangrove Snapper

  • Inshore Mangrove Snapper

    Mangrove Snapper - Fishing Inshore with William Toney

    Capt. William Toney, a fourth-generation fishing guide, teaches how to catch inshore mangrove snapper. He teaches how to locate productive structure, set up on it, and use various baits and jig heads. Toney emphasizes the importance of structure, live shrimp, and jig heads for optimal fishing. This instructional video is a valuable resource for anglers looking to catch mangrove snapper in the Gulf Coast.

  • Mangrove Snapper caught in the Homosassa River with William Toney

    Mangrove Snapper - Backcountry Fishing with William Toney

    In The Spread offers a sport fishing journey through Florida's Nature Coast, featuring dynamic fisheries like mangrove snapper. Capt. William Toney, a fourth-generation guide, shares his techniques for catching mangrove snapper in backcountry creeks and rivers. He demonstrates using live shrimp, artificial lures, soft plastics, and jigs, and teaches expert tactics for targeting fish in coastal rivers. To learn more about mangrove snapper limits in Florida, check with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

  • Chumming for Mangrove Snapper

    Mangrove Snapper - Chumming

    Venice, Louisiana offers abundant resources for mangrove snapper, a delectable fish species found in oil platforms. Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico can be fast and furious, with fish reaching up to 20 lbs and averages 7-8 lbs. Captain Josh Howard shares simple yet lethal fishing tips and strategies for chumming mangrove snapper, including making chum, finding fish, and presenting baits. This fishing video is an excellent learning tool for those looking to fish for snapper.