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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Discover the art and science of targeting wahoo with "In The Spread HIGH SPEED WAHOO TROLLING." This 2.5-hour video features Bahamas fishing experts revealing key trolling tactics, rigging essentials, and more. Elevate your wahoo fishing game with in-depth insights on tides, center console setups, and post-bite strategies.

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  • Fish Species: Wahoo or Ono (Acanthocybium solandri) found in tropical and subtropical waters globally.
  • Video Details: "In The Spread HIGH SPEED WAHOO TROLLING" instructional video.
  • Experts: Professionals with experience from fishing in the Bahamas, especially around Bimini and Cay Sal.

If you're fishing offshore in tropical and subtropical waters globally, you've likely encountered the wahoo or ono (Acanthocybium solandri). This scombrid fish is renowned for its sporting prowess and its top-tier quality as table fare, making it a sought-after game fish. While many saltwater fishing anglers might catch wahoo unintentionally, targeting this pelagic species is an art and science.

Key Sections
  • Tides influence on wahoo trolling.
  • Center console boat trolling.
  • Strategies post-bite.
  • Deep dive into wahoo tackle.

Duration: 2.5 hours.


For our instructional video on HIGH SPEED WAHOO TROLLING, we aimed to make it dynamic. We did this by:

  • Bringing in experts at the pinnacle of wahoo fishing.
  • Sharing their extensive experience from fishing in the Bahamas, especially around Bimini and Cay Sal.
  • Diving deep into tactics, strategies, tackle, and rigging essentials at the RJ Boyle tackle shop.
These fishermen, who've tasted immense success in major tournaments, generously share their vast knowledge.

Tides and Wahoo Trolling

Tides significantly influence wahoo trolling. Discover:

  • The most conducive tides.
  • The specific phases of these tides that yield more bites.
Center Console Boat Trolling

Our focus is predominantly on center console boat trolling. We'll provide insights on:

  • Setting up and optimizing spreads for this boat type.
  • The ideal number of lures in the spread.
  • The objectives of the presentation.
Strategies Post-Bite

Knowing your next steps after a bite can lead to subsequent bites. Key takeaways include:

  • The importance of driving in trolling fishing.
  • Dos and don'ts post-bite.
  • Additional angling tips to increase your chances of more bites.
Deep Dive into Wahoo Tackle

The 90-minute segment on wahoo lures, rigs, and other tackle essentials is comprehensive. Learn about:

  • Shock cord, leader, weights, and all connections in the rig.
  • Wire line and the debate between mono vs. braid.

Rick Redecker, a prominent tournament winner and an expert in targeting big fish, guides you on rigging lures for large wahoo. South Florida fishing legends RJ Boyle and Shawn Olds delve deep into the tactics and the plethora of tackle options for wahoo trolling.

Information is power, and In The Spread offers a treasure trove in this 2.5-hour instructional video. Immerse yourself, assimilate the knowledge, and enhance your toolkit. Remember, the learning journey never ends.


Q: Where can I find the Wahoo or Ono?
A: You can commonly find Wahoo in tropical and subtropical waters globally.

Q: Who are the experts featured in the video?
A: The video features professionals with extensive experience from fishing in the Bahamas, especially Bimini and Cay Sal.

Q: What are the key sections covered in the video?
A: The video covers tides' influence on wahoo trolling, center console boat trolling, strategies post-bite, and a deep dive into wahoo tackle.

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