Ballyhoo - Bait Rigging 8 Ways for Offshore Fishing

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Rigged ballyhoo is a popular offshore fishing bait for various species, including dolphin, kingfish, sailfish, marlin, tuna, grouper, and wahoo. Proper preparation and rigging techniques are crucial for success. In The Spread's fishing video, learn how to rig various ballyhoo baits, making you a better fisherman.

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Video Summary:

  • Bait: Ballyhoo, popular for saltwater fishing.
  • Targets: Mahi-mahi, kingfish, marlin, sailfish, tuna, grouper, and other game fish.
  • Experts: Mike Tarmey and RJ Boyle.
  • Key Content: Rigging ballyhoo in 8 different ways and dressing them up with various accessories.

Rigging Ballyhoo: A Comprehensive Video Guide

Ballyhoo stands out as one of the most favored and adaptable baits in saltwater fishing, essential for a broad range of species. Its effectiveness spans across a variety of game fish, including mahi-mahi, kingfish, marlin, sailfish, tuna, and grouper. Mastering the art of rigging ballyhoo is fundamental for anglers aiming to maximize their success in these diverse fishing scenarios.

In this comprehensive video, two renowned experts in the field, Mike Tarmey and RJ Boyle, impart their extensive knowledge on ballyhoo rigging. They demonstrate eight distinct ways to rig this versatile bait, each method tailored to different fishing conditions and target species. This variety ensures that anglers are well-equipped to handle various situations, whether fishing nearshore or in deep offshore waters.

One of the key aspects of this tutorial is the emphasis on selection and preparation of ballyhoo. Tarmey and Boyle explain how to choose the best quality ballyhoo, considering factors like size, freshness, and overall condition. They also cover essential preparation techniques to ensure that the bait maintains its natural appearance and effectiveness.

Additionally, the video delves into the art of dressing up ballyhoo baits. This involves adding skirts, chuggers, sea witches, and other enhancements that not only increase the bait's visual appeal but also improve its movement in the water. These additions can be crucial in attracting specific game fish and can make a significant difference in the success of a fishing expedition.

Through this video, Tarmey and Boyle share their wealth of experience and insights, providing anglers with the skills and knowledge to expertly rig ballyhoo for a wide range of fishing scenarios. This tutorial is an invaluable resource for anyone serious about saltwater fishing, from beginners to seasoned pros looking to refine their techniques.

What You Will Learn

This informative video is a comprehensive guide on how to maximize the effectiveness of ballyhoo baits in saltwater fishing. It covers a wide range of topics, ensuring that viewers get a thorough understanding of every aspect of ballyhoo rigging. Here's an expansion on the content you can expect to learn:

  • Selecting the Best Ballyhoo Baits: The video begins with critical tips on choosing the highest quality ballyhoo. Factors like color, firmness, the condition of the eyes, and the integrity of the beaks are crucial indicators of bait quality. Understanding these characteristics can significantly affect the bait's performance.
  • Brining Ballyhoo Baits with Bionic Brine: Learn the technique of brining ballyhoo using Bionic Brine. This process not only preserves the bait longer but also enhances its appearance, making it more attractive to game fish.
  • Tools and Materials for Rigging Ballyhoo: The video provides a detailed overview of the essential tools and materials needed for rigging ballyhoo, including various hooks, swivels, o-rings, wire, floss, lead weights, different types of line (like fluorocarbon and mono), and necessary tools like pliers, cutters, needles, and knives. This section is key for beginners to understand the rigging process fully.
  • Skirting Ballyhoo Baits: Skirting options such as sea witch ballyhoo rigs, chuggers, sea fans, and squid skirts are explored. These additions not only add vibrant color to the bait but also enhance its swimming action, making it more enticing to game fish.
  • Eight Different Ballyhoo Rigging Techniques:
  1. The Swivel Rig: Ideal for trolling or drifting, this simple yet effective rig is demonstrated in detail.
  2. The O-Ring Rig: This rig emphasizes the ease of changing hooks without harming the bait, a useful technique for various fishing conditions.
  3. The Floss Rig: Here, dental floss is used to secure the hook, offering a more natural bait presentation.
  4. The Circle Hook with Mylar Rig: Combining a circle hook with a mylar skirt, this rig improves the hook-up ratio and adds flash to attract fish.
  5. The Hooker Style Rig: Utilizing a chugger head and hooker skirt, this rig is designed for extra action and attraction.
  6. The Split Bill Ballyhoo Rig: A technique that involves splitting the ballyhoo's bill to create a realistic swimming motion and prevent spinning.
  7. The Wire Rig Ballyhoo: Ideal for toothy species like kingfish or wahoo, this rig uses a wire leader for extra strength.
  8. The Double Hook Ballyhoo Pin Rig: Featuring two hooks and a pin, this rig is designed to secure the bait effectively and increase the hook-up ratio.

Through this video, viewers will not only learn the practical aspects of rigging ballyhoo but will also gain insights into the nuances that make each rigging style unique and suitable for specific fishing scenarios. The expertise of Mike Tarmey and RJ Boyle ensures that both novice and experienced anglers can benefit from this comprehensive tutorial.

Why You Should Watch This Video

This video transcends the typical format of a step-by-step tutorial, offering a richer, more engaging experience. It's a dynamic conversation between two seasoned anglers, Mike Tarmey and RJ Boyle, who bring a wealth of experience and a trove of fishing wisdom to the table. Here's a deeper look into what this video offers:

  1. In-Depth Discussion and Shared Expertise: As Tarmey and Boyle discuss rigging ballyhoo, they delve into their personal tips and tricks, honed through years of experience. This exchange provides viewers with a nuanced understanding of ballyhoo rigging, going beyond the basics.
  2. Insights on Rig Effectiveness: The video explores why each rig type is effective in different scenarios. The anglers discuss the advantages of each rigging method and how they cater to varying fishing conditions and target species. This knowledge is crucial for choosing the right rig according to the specific fishing situation.
  3. Adaptability to Conditions and Fish Behavior: One key aspect discussed is the adaptability of rigs. Tarmey and Boyle explain how to adjust your rigs based on changing environmental conditions and fish behavior. This adaptability is vital for successful fishing, as it can significantly increase your chances of a catch.
  4. Avoiding Common Mistakes: The conversation also covers common pitfalls in rigging ballyhoo. They address issues that can lead to bait spoilage or reduce the likelihood of catching fish, providing practical solutions to avoid these mistakes.
  5. Real-Life Demonstration in Water: Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of the video is the demonstration of how each rigged ballyhoo behaves in the water. Viewers get to see the swimming action of the baits and how they perform when a fish strikes. This visual aspect helps in understanding the practical effectiveness of each rigging style.
  6. Practical Application for Better Fishing: The video is designed not just to inform but also to elevate your fishing skills. It's an opportunity to learn from experts and apply their techniques to catch more fish using ballyhoo baits.

This video is an invaluable resource for anglers of all levels who want to enhance their skills in rigging ballyhoo. Whether you're a beginner seeking foundational knowledge or an experienced angler looking to refine your techniques, watching this video will equip you with the skills and insights to rig ballyhoo like a pro.

Who are the experts in this video?

The experts featured in this video are globe trotting big game fishing mate Mike Tarmey and South Florida fishing legend RJ Boyle.

What are the key takeaways from this video?

The key takeaways are learning how to rig ballyhoo in eight different ways, selecting and preparing ballyhoo, and dressing up ballyhoo with various accessories.

Why is it important to rig ballyhoo properly?

Properly rigged ballyhoo ensures better results when fishing, avoids common mistakes, and helps in catching more fish.

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