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Instructor: Cory Allen

Muskie fishing often relies on traditional methods, but understanding giant muskies' deepness and speed control is crucial. Cory Allen's video demonstrates using Carolina rigged cranks baits to target bottom-holding beasts. Be prepared, confident, and know how to target giant muskies in the deep.

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    Muskie Behavior: Big muskie tend to stay deeper, especially on the bottom.
    Fishing Technique: Importance of speed control and the ability to work slowly for bigger muskie.
    Trolling: Not the most effective due to constant motion and lack of speed control.
    Lure Depth: Challenges with using large billed crank baits and their specific dive depths.
    Carolina Rig: Effective for suspending a lure just off the bottom and maintaining its position.

    Cory Allen: An innovative fisherman who advocates for the Carolina rig and its effectiveness with buoyant crank baits.

Carolina Rigs for Muskie Fishing

If you aren't using Carolina rigs when muskie fishing, you're missing out.

  • Big muskie tend to stay deeper, often on the bottom, more than their smaller counterparts.
  • Targeting these depths might be the least explored aspect of muskie fishing, making it a potential goldmine.

Speed Control:
  • For bigger muskie, controlling the speed of your lure is crucial.
  • Fast-moving lures might not attract the big ones as they require the fish to expend too much energy.
  • The key is to work slowly, making it easy for the muskie to grab a meal.

Reaching the Depths: The Challenge

So, how do you get your lures down to where the big fish are and keep them there?

  • It might seem like the answer, but with trolling, you lose a lot of speed control.
  • The lure is always in motion, which isn't ideal for targeting big fish.

Weighted Craws?
  • They sink and stay on the bottom, but they might not always be the best choice.
  • Lures that can rise and fall with darting action can be more effective.

Large Billed Crank Baits?
  • They run deep, but you're limited by the lure's dive plane.
  • Most lures dive to specific depths, and maintaining that depth can be challenging.

The Solution: Carolina Rig

If you want a lure to:

  • Suspend just off the bottom
  • Bump along the bottom all the way back to the boat

A Carolina rig is your best bet.

Cory Allen: A Pioneer in Muskie Fishing

Cory Allen stands out with his innovative approach to muskie fishing.

  • He has years of experience catching big fish and observing their behavior.
  • He's always refining his techniques and is never content with his current knowledge.
  • In his video, Cory discusses using musky crank baits near the bottom.
  • He explains the benefits of the Carolina rig and shares some of his favorite lures for this method.

Takeaway: Listen to experts like Cory Allen. Be open to new techniques. Trying new tactics can lead you to bigger catches. Dive deep, stay there, and fish smarter.


Why do big muskie stay deeper?
Big muskie are inclined to stay deeper, even on the bottom, more than smaller muskie because of their energy conservation needs and hunting habits.

Why is speed control important in muskie fishing?
With bigger muskie, speed control plays a significant role. Fast-moving lures require the fish to expend too much energy, making it less likely for them to be enticed.

What's the issue with trolling for muskie?
With trolling, the lure is always in motion, which means you give up a lot of speed control. This is critical when targeting big fish.

How does the Carolina Rig help in muskie fishing?
The Carolina rig allows you to suspend a lure just off the bottom and maintain its position, making it an effective method for targeting deep muskies.

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Cory Allen

Cory Allen, known as the Tennessee Muskie Authority, has years of expertise in muskie fishing. He is a skilled guide in the Tennessee River drainage basin, specializing in understanding muskellunge behavior and environmental conditions. Allen's dedication to his craft and continuous learning make him a valuable resource for both seasoned and novice anglers.

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