Muskie - Trolling Techniques with Cory Allen

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Instructor: Cory Allen
Categories: Freshwater Muskie

Musky fishing often faces criticism for its lack of artistry or implementation. However, In The Spread musky fishing video offers guidance on setting up a spread, rod positioning, boat driving, slow and fast techniques, and drag settings. By learning from a top guide, musky fishermen can become more productive and smarter in their fishing endeavors.

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Key Points of the Video:

    Author: Big muskie angler Cory Allen
    Key Takeaways:

  • Setting up a Thorough Trolling Spread: Learn the essentials and the nuances of setting up your trolling spread.
  • Critical Analysis: Understand how to evaluate the structure you're fishing and adapt the number and arrangement of rods accordingly.
  • Selecting Lures: Discover which lures are the most effective and the rationale behind their efficiency.
  • Efficient Arrangement: Learn how to arrange lures based on their tendencies to maximize efficiency.
  • Rod Positioning & Boat Handling: Master the best practices for rod positioning and boat handling for optimum results.
  • Trolling Techniques: Delve into the differences and benefits of both slow and fast trolling methods.
  • Optimizing Drag: Grasp the importance and techniques of using drag effectively.
    Overall Message: Trolling for musky is not as rigid or static as it is often perceived. With the right techniques and understanding, it can be a dynamic and engaging form of angling.

Trolling for Musky: An In-Depth Guide with Cory Allen

In this comprehensive "In The Spread" muskie fishing video, renowned angler Cory Allen takes viewers on an immersive journey into the world of trolling for muskie. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Allen shares invaluable insights and techniques that will elevate your trolling game to new heights. Let's dive into the key aspects covered in this guide:

Setting Up Your Trolling Spread:

  • Learn how to create a well-crafted trolling spread that maximizes your chances of enticing muskies to strike.
  • Allen provides detailed guidance on the optimal spacing between lures, the ideal distance from the boat, and how to stagger your lures to cover different depths and water columns.
  • Discover the importance of using a variety of lure types and sizes to appeal to the diverse preferences of muskies in different conditions.
Structural Analysis:
  • Gain a deep understanding of the underwater terrain and how it influences your trolling strategy.
  • Allen teaches you how to read contour maps, identify key structures such as drop-offs, humps, and weed edges, and position your boat to effectively cover these high-probability areas.
  • Learn how to determine the optimal number of rods to use based on the complexity of the structure and how to adjust your trolling path to thoroughly probe these fish-holding spots.
Lure Selection:
  • Allen shares his insights on why certain lures work better than others in specific conditions and how to select the right color patterns and sizes to match the forage base and water clarity.
  • Learn advanced techniques for positioning your lures, such as using planer boards to spread lines and cover more water, or employing in-line weights to reach desired depths.
Rod Positioning & Boat Handling
  • Master the art of setting up your trolling rods for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Allen demonstrates the best practices for rod placement, including the use of rod holders, spacing between rods, and how to stagger them to minimize tangles and maximize coverage.
  • Learn essential boat handling skills, such as maintaining a consistent trolling speed, executing precise turns, and adjusting your path to account for wind and currents.
Trolling Techniques:
  • Explore the nuances of slow and fast trolling techniques and when to employ each method based on the conditions and musky activity level.
  • Allen shares his secrets for triggering reluctant fish, such as speed changes, lure manipulations, and the strategic use of pauses and surges.
  • Discover advanced trolling tactics, like zigzagging, circle trolling, and following depth contours, to thoroughly cover water and entice muskies to strike.
Optimal Use of Drag:
  • Understand the crucial role of drag settings in landing trophy muskies while trolling.
  • Allen explains how to properly set your drag based on the size of your lures, the strength of your line, and the power of your rod and reel combo.
  • Learn how to adjust your drag on the fly to account for the intensity of the fight and how to use the boat's momentum to tire out a big musky.

Throughout the video, Cory Allen shares a wealth of additional insights and tips that will take your trolling game to the next level. From reading weather patterns and water conditions to adapting your tactics on the fly, this comprehensive guide covers every aspect of trolling for muskies. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, this in-depth tutorial will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle any trolling scenario and increase your chances of landing the fish of a lifetime.

Why Trolling is So Productive?

Trolling has earned its reputation as one of the most effective methods for targeting musky, the formidable predator that reigns supreme in freshwater ecosystems. The ability to cover vast expanses of water efficiently sets trolling apart from other casting techniques, making it an indispensable tool in the musky angler's arsenal. However, the true essence of successful trolling lies beyond the mere deployment of numerous rods and lies in the intricacies of presentation.

Many musky enthusiasts often fall into the trap of interpreting trolling as a rigid practice, envisioning a spread of seven to eight rods as the quintessential setup. While utilizing multiple rods can indeed offer advantages, such as covering different depths and presenting a variety of lures simultaneously, it is crucial to recognize that the number of rods alone does not guarantee success. The real key to unlocking the potential of trolling lies in the nuances of how those lures are presented to the fish.

Effective trolling requires a deep understanding of musky behavior, their preferred habitats, and the subtle triggers that entice them to strike. It is a dynamic process that demands continuous adaptation and fine-tuning based on the specific conditions encountered on the water. Anglers must consider factors such as water temperature, clarity, structure, and forage base when selecting lures and determining the most appropriate trolling speeds and depths.

Rather than adhering to a fixed number of rods, successful trollers focus on the quality and precision of their presentations. They meticulously adjust lure sizes, colors, and action to match the preferences of the muskies in a given situation. They experiment with various trolling speeds, ranging from slow and methodical to fast and erratic, to trigger different feeding responses. They also pay close attention to the position of their lures in relation to underwater structures, such as weed edges, drop-offs, and rock piles, knowing that muskies often ambush their prey from these strategic locations.

Moreover, the art of trolling extends beyond the mere mechanics of lure presentation. It involves a keen awareness of the environment and the ability to read the water and interpret the subtle cues that indicate the presence of muskies. Experienced trollers use their knowledge of seasonal patterns, weather conditions, and lake morphology to anticipate where muskies are likely to be holding and adjust their trolling routes accordingly. They also remain vigilant for signs of baitfish activity, such as diving birds or surface commotion, which can lead them to concentrations of hungry predators.

The true essence of trolling lies in the angler's ability to adapt and refine their approach continuously. It requires a willingness to experiment, to think outside the box, and to embrace the unique challenges that each musky encounter presents. While having multiple rods can indeed provide a level of versatility, it is the angler's skill in manipulating those presentations that ultimately determines success.

In the hands of a master like Cory Allen, trolling becomes a symphony of precision and creativity. His insights and techniques serve as a reminder that the path to consistently boating trophy muskies lies not in the number of rods deployed, but in the angler's ability to unlock the secrets of presentation. By focusing on the nuances of lure selection, speed, depth, and positioning, and by remaining attuned to the ever-changing conditions on the water, anglers can elevate their trolling game and increase their chances of encountering the fish of a lifetime.

Ultimately, the art of trolling for musky is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation. It requires a deep respect for the fish, a keen understanding of their habits, and a willingness to embrace the challenges and rewards that come with pursuing these elusive predators. By mastering the nuances of presentation and remaining open to new ideas and techniques, anglers can unlock the true potential of trolling and experience the unparalleled thrill of tangling with the apex predator of freshwater.

Debunking the Myths

In this groundbreaking "In The Spread" video, Cory Allen challenges the conventional wisdom surrounding trolling for musky and presents a fresh perspective that revolutionizes the way anglers approach this technique. He emphasizes that trolling is not a one-dimensional, rigid method, but rather a dynamic and engaging art form that demands constant adaptation and finesse.

Allen encourages anglers to break free from the misconceptions that often plague the trolling community. Too often, trolling is viewed as a static practice, where anglers simply set their lines and wait for a strike. However, Allen demonstrates that true success lies in the ability to read the water, interpret the fish's behavior, and make swift adjustments to speed, direction, and strategy in response to the ever-changing conditions.

Throughout the video, Allen showcases the fluidity and versatility of trolling, dispelling the notion that it is an overly complex or cumbersome technique. He emphasizes that the beauty of trolling lies in the artistic finesse that anglers can achieve by mastering the nuances of presentation. By varying lure depths, speeds, and positions, and by making subtle adjustments to boat control, anglers can create a dynamic and enticing presentation that triggers the predatory instincts of muskies.

Allen also stresses the importance of understanding the environment and how it influences musky behavior. He teaches viewers how to read the water, identify key structures and depth changes, and interpret the subtle cues that indicate the presence of baitfish and potential musky hotspots. By developing a keen awareness of the underwater landscape and how muskies relate to it, anglers can make informed decisions about where to focus their trolling efforts and how to adapt their strategies to maximize their chances of success.

Throughout the video, Allen shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, providing viewers with a masterclass in the art of trolling for musky. He delves into the intricacies of lure selection, revealing how to choose the right baits for different conditions and how to customize their action and appearance to trigger strikes. He also demonstrates advanced trolling techniques, such as the use of planer boards, in-line weights, and multiple lines, to cover more water and target muskies at various depths and distances from the boat.

Perhaps most importantly, Allen emphasizes the mental aspect of trolling, encouraging anglers to embrace the challenge and enjoy the process of problem-solving and adaptation. He reminds viewers that trolling is not a guaranteed path to success, but rather a journey of discovery and learning. By maintaining a positive attitude, staying focused, and being willing to try new approaches, anglers can unlock the full potential of trolling and experience the unparalleled thrill of landing a trophy musky.

Through Cory Allen's expert guidance and innovative insights, this "In The Spread" video transforms the way anglers perceive and practice trolling for musky. It serves as a call to action, urging anglers to break free from the limitations of traditional thinking and embrace the dynamic, fluid nature of this technique. By combining technical proficiency with artistic finesse, and by remaining attuned to the environment and the fish's behavior, anglers can elevate their trolling game to new heights and unlock a richer, more rewarding musky fishing experience.

As viewers embark on this journey with Cory Allen, they will gain a newfound appreciation for the art and science of trolling. They will learn to see the water through the eyes of a musky, to anticipate their movements and reactions, and to adapt their strategies accordingly. By embracing the fluidity and versatility of trolling, and by applying the lessons and insights shared in this groundbreaking video, anglers can take their musky fishing to the next level and experience the ultimate thrill of tangling with the apex predator of freshwater.

Who is Cory Allen?

Cory Allen is a renowned big muskie angler who provides insightful tips and techniques on muskie fishing.

How many rods should I use for trolling?

The number of rods you should use depends on the structure you're fishing. Critical analysis will help you determine the optimal number and arrangement of rods.

Why is the arrangement of lures important?

Arranging lures based on their tendencies ensures maximum efficiency between them, leading to a higher success rate.

Are there different trolling techniques?

Yes, there are both slow and fast trolling techniques, each with its own set of advantages.

Why is trolling often perceived as rigid?

Many anglers have a fixed definition of trolling, often involving a standard set of line spread. This mindset often overlooks the dynamic nature of trolling.

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Darryl Hamer 04.28.2019


Cory Allen

Cory Allen, known as the Tennessee Muskie Authority, has years of expertise in muskie fishing. He is a skilled guide in the Tennessee River drainage basin, specializing in understanding muskellunge behavior and environmental conditions. Allen's dedication to his craft and continuous learning make him a valuable resource for both seasoned and novice anglers.

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