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Instructor: William Toney

Embark on a journey with Captain William Toney as he unveils the finesse of inshore gag grouper fishing in Florida's vibrant waters—where skill, science, and sea converge.

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Video Summary:

  • Local Expertise: Captain William Toney's experience and tips for efficient gag grouper fishing in Florida's shallow waters.
  • Understanding Gag Grouper: Scientific insights into the gag grouper, including its hermaphroditic nature and habitat.
  • Tactical Angling: Techniques for targeting gag grouper inshore with light tackle jig heads and heavier tackle diving plugs.
  • Fishing Conditions: The role of tides, currents, and anchoring in successful inshore gag grouper fishing.
  • Tackle Talk: Equipment specifics for light and heavy tackle setups favored by Captain Toney for gag grouper.

Gag Grouper, known scientifically as Mycteroperca microlepis, stands as a testament to the robust biodiversity of Florida's marine life. These creatures, with their stout bodies and mottled gray coloration, are not merely fish but a challenge that beckons anglers to Florida's inshore waters. It's here, among the shallow rocks and reefs, that Captain William Toney, an artisan of the angling world, shares his craft.

In the realm of inshore fishing, the pursuit of the gag grouper becomes an art. Captain Toney, a seasoned guide, approaches this art with a simplicity that belies its complexity. With light tackle in hand—a mere 10 lb braid—he sets forth to outwit the powerful gag grouper, creatures that would give even a large smallmouth bass pause.

Light Tackle and the Lure of the Chase

Captain Toney's choice of weaponry includes the soft plastics such as the Mirrolure lil john or provoker. It's a mimicry of the shrimp's darting that fools the gag grouper, and the captain is a master at such deception. The colors of these lures and the method of rigging them on a jig head are but chapters in his book of tactics.


The art of fishing is as much about subtlety as it is about the thrill of the chase.

Captain William Toney

Anchoring Techniques

To fish the shallow water rocks is to understand the art of anchoring. One must approach with the stealth of a heron and anchor with precision, considering the current's direction and the position of the structure you are targeting. This stealth of the boat, guided by Captain Toney's hand, is crucial lest the gag grouper be spooked into the deep.

Tides and Currents: The Pulse of the Sea

Captain Toney speaks with wisdom of tides with a reverence reserved for forces of nature that command respect. He reads the water as one might a beloved novel, understanding each nuance and what it portends for the gag grouper's bite. The tide's ebb and flow, the wind's capricious dance—these are the rhythms to which he sets his anchor.

The Vertical Retrieve: An Art Form

With a vertical retrieve that seems to breathe life into his jigs and diving plugs, Captain Toney entices the grouper. It's a siren's call, the lure's action speaking a primal language that the fish cannot ignore. This is the crescendo of the hunt, where skill meets instinct.

By-Catch and the Diversity of the Rocks

The coastal waters of Florida's west coast are a melting pot of marine life. As the gag grouper takes the stage, the mangrove snapper and grunts often join in, an ensemble of the sea's bounty. They are the unexpected guests at the feast, and they are welcomed.

The Science of Survival

The gag grouper, under the shadow of fishing pressure, reveals a fascinating aspect of its biology. Hermaphroditism is nature's response to imbalance, a scientific marvel that allows for population stability. The Florida FWC's regulations reflect a respect for this slow-growing species' survival. Learn more about grouper fishing in Florida

Nursery to the Deep

The inshore waters serve as a cradle for the juvenile grouper. Here, in the shallows, they begin life's journey before venturing to the offshore depths. It's a passage of growth, from the protection of the nursery rocks to the open arms of the ocean.

Secrets of the Structure

Captain Toney shares his knowledge freely, a testament to a life spent on the water. Finding rocks, the home of the grouper, becomes less of a mystery with his guidance. Charts, calm-day explorations, and the observance of nature's own indicators, like turtles, are part of his strategy.

Patterns in the Bite

To find a pattern in the gag grouper's behavior is to unlock the door to consistent success. Captain Toney's tips, born of years on the water, offer a glimpse into the methodology of a master angler.

Tackle: The Foundation of Fishing

In the final act, Captain Toney reveals his choice in tackle. For light tackle jig fishing, a custom-built Boner Fishing Rod paired with a Shimano 3000 series reel is his ensemble of choice. For the heavier task of casting diving plugs, a Tidemaster with 30 lb braid and a Daiwa 2600 series reel stands ready.

In Captain William Toney's world, inshore fishing for gag grouper is not just a pastime but a narrative woven into the fabric of Florida's coastal waters. Each cast is a sentence, each catch a paragraph in the story of the sea. And at, this narrative is shared with all who seek the knowledge and the thrill of the chase.

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Captain William Toney

Captain William Toney, a Florida native, is a fourth-generation fishing guide known for his expertise in Redfish, Sea Trout, Mangrove Snapper, Snook and other fish species. He is a licensed and insured guide, a Homosassa Guide's Association member, and hosts 'In The Spread', an online fishing instruction platform. Toney's expertise in redfish, tides, and bait presentation is unparalleled, and he shares his knowledge on seasonal fish migration patterns and tidal flows. His dedication to passing on his knowledge to younger generations is invaluable.

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