Frequently asked questions

What is In The Spread

In The Spread (ITS) is the premier streaming platform for sport fishing educational videos. We are dedicated to imparting critical skills and on the water experiences to fishermen at all levels.

We work exclusively with tier 1 fishermen sharing technical knowledge and on the water wisdom. ITS offers inshore, offshore and backcountry fishing videos from both saltwater and freshwater. The ITS fishing blog presents thought-provoking concepts and ideas from some of sport fishing's greatest minds. In addition, ITS is dedicated to pelagic species and apex predator fishing, where users can watch videos and learn about bait presentations, lure rigging techniques, tackle, finding fish, boat driving, advanced angling techniques and safety. Our Goal: The relentless pursuit of fishing knowledge and excellence in skillset to ensure the highest level of success on and off the water.

Who are the In The Spread instructors

In The Spread instructor are selected based on their being one of the very best subject matter experts in the world, when it comes to specific types of fishing. Each instructor possesses operational and knowledge capital built from experience, know-how about the best ways to catch fish, that capital having been developed over decades. They also have a keen ability to articulate their knowledge in a way that is easy to understand.

What is included with my membership

Each membership level offers access to the full library of fishing videos. Memberships are divided between Saltwater and Freshwater, with an option for a combination membership, if you are into both Salt and Fresh.

How much does In The Spread cost

The cost of a membership is broken down into three main categories, Saltwater, Freshwater and a Combination of the two. You can pay monthly, annually or make a one time payment for lifetime access. Saltwater monthly is $22.95 and annual is $229.50. Freshwater monthly is $17.95 and annual is $179.50. Saltwater and Freshwater Combination memberships are monthly $27.95 and annual is $279.50. Each are billed on a monthly basis. There is also a Lifetime membership for $749.95, for a onetime payment, which gives access to every video on the site for life.

Will I be charged taxes

Depending on where you live, you may be charged taxes in addition to your membership price. If tax applies, you will see it stated separately on your emailed invoice. Tax rates are calculated based on your location or the billing information you provided at the time of purchase.

Can I get a refund

All purchases are final and no refunds are available unless otherwise specified in applicable Additional Terms, including where your account is terminated or suspended, by ITS, preventing your access to paid aspects of the Service, such as any remaining subscription terms.

How to cancel my subscription?

Login to your account and go to your profile by clicking the icon in the upper right corner. Then go to Subscriptions, and you will see your active subscriptions there. Click on CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION to cancel your subscription.