Dolphin Fishing - Techniques and Tackle

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

In The Spread dolphin fishing video shares tips, tactics, and pro-level techniques for catching dolphins. It covers boat prep, gaffs, tackle, baits, angling, boat driving, bird behavior, and surface cover. Fishing legend RJ Boyle demonstrates the art of crushing dorado and guiding teams to catch more fish.

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Key Areas of Coverage in the Video:

  • What you need to know Before You Leave the Dock
  • Practical On the Water Situational Awareness
  • Essential Tools and Tackle
  • Terminal Tackle and Techniques
  • Boat Setup
  • Fishing Tactics

The dolphinfish (Coryhaena hippurus) is a pelagic species that can either bring fishermen great success or significant challenges. In this video, we'll break down everything you need to know about how to catch dolphin. The video is packed with information. You might need to revisit it multiple times to absorb everything. Our goal is to provide in-depth knowledge to help you succeed in your fishing endeavors. Always remember: never stop learning.

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