David Brackmann, Fishing instructor

David Brackmann

David Brackmann, a renowned big game fisherman, is a master in marlin fishing, particularly targeting yellowfins and dolphins. He uses a methodical approach, trolling a normal pattern of spreader bars and cedar plugs over dolphins, and adapting the WWB technique if necessary. Brackmann's expertise in marlin fishing is evident in his comprehensive analysis of offshore trolling lures, rigging, and fine-tuning.


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David Brackmann, renowned big game fisherman and owner of the Huntington Harbor and Cabo San Lucas based Caliente sport fishing boats, has proven to be an innovator and a master in the art of sport fishing. A tactician of the waters, Brackmann has refined the technique of catching yellowfins off Southern California, particularly during the late summer and fall when these elusive creatures associate with dolphins. His methodical approach begins by trolling a normal pattern of spreader bars and cedar plugs over the dolphins, while simultaneously observing his fishfinder to determine the tuna's depth. Should this fail to attract the tuna, Brackmann employs his adaptation of the WWB, a technique demonstrating his astute understanding of marine life and their behaviors.

Blue marlin are at the core of David's sport fishing passion. He has traveled the world, fishing and communing with the very best big game fishing outfits. With time in and a great demeanor for learning how to fish for marlin, Brackmann's name is now synonymous with excellence in the world of marlin fishing. His systemic approach to trolling marlin lures exemplifies his thoughtfulness and precision, making him one of the foremost experts in the field. He demonstrates this expertise by sharing a comprehensive analysis of offshore trolling lures, their rigging and fine-tuning, and how to effectively manage a spread during marlin fishing.

Dave simplifies marlin fishing into basic physics, focusing on action and reaction. His teachings center on optimal lure placement and wave position, using tag lines and dacron loops to manipulate lure performance and drop back for effective marlin capture. One of Brackmann's insightful theories revolves around a lure's swimming cycle and its impact on the hook-up ratio, emphasizing the importance of the lure remaining underwater for an ideal amount of time for better marlin capture.

Brackmann goes further than just the mechanics of setting up a trolling spread, covering topics such as leader and connection dynamics, hook designs, and practical rigging tips. His detailed explanations and demonstrations of knots, connections, swivels, and crimps, among other aspects, provide a complete learning opportunity for anyone aspiring to refine their marlin fishing techniques.

David Brackmann, through his innovative techniques and educational efforts, empowers others to improve their fishing skills. His belief in continuous learning and experimentation has made him a trailblazer in sport fishing. A tireless advocate for confident, knowledgeable fishing, Brackmann's contributions to the sport are invaluable, enabling others to elevate their own fishing experiences.

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