Trolling Lures - Offshore Fishing and Rigging Techniques

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Instructor: Andy Moyes

In The Spread fishing video features top big game fishermen and lure designers, covering head shapes, swim principles, skirts, skirting options, hooks, and lure positions. It offers detailed presentations on rigging, showcasing the best techniques and enhancing big game fishing skills.

Description / Review / Instructor

Summary of Key Points:

  • Comprehensive video series on offshore fishing and trolling lures
  • Divided into three parts, featuring expert insights from Jack Tullius, Andy Moyes, and RJ Boyle
  • Covers lure heads, fishing hooks, hook sets, rigging techniques, and more
  • Offers a wealth of knowledge and different perspectives backed by expert advice
  • A must-watch for anyone interested in marlin fishing and trolling lures

The world of sport fishing is filled with debates and discussions, but none more so than the topic of rigging marlin lures, the performance of lure heads, and the best fishing hooks to use. The video series, "In The Spread Offshore Trolling Lures and Rigging Techniques," dives headfirst into these debates, bringing you expert insights and advice from some of the best in the business.

About the Video Series

This comprehensive video series is divided into three parts, each focusing on a different aspect of offshore fishing and trolling lures. The series is a treasure trove of knowledge, packed with 3.5 hours of valuable insights from world-class experts in saltwater big game fishing.

Part 1 - Trolling Lures, Hooks and Rigging Techniques with Black Bart

In the first part, Jack Tullius, owner of the world's largest trolling lure company, Black Bart Lures, shares his expertise on lure heads, fishing hooks, hook sets, and rigging techniques for blue marlin fishing.

Part 2 - Marlin Lures, Head Shapes and Lure Positions with Andy Moyes

The second part features Andy Moyes of Moyes Big Game Tactical, a leading figure in blue marlin fishing. Andy discusses his favorite marlin lures, their swimming action, and the best positions for them in the spread.

Part 3 - Rigging Tools and Rigging Marlin Lures with RJ Boyle

The final part of the series features RJ Boyle, a south Florida fishing legend. RJ provides a detailed breakdown of all the tools and rigging ingredients, demonstrates how to assemble a single hook rig, and how to rig a blue marlin lure.

Important Takeaways

Remember, there are many ways to rig marlin lures, and as long as your terminal connections are solid, you're good to go. The video series does not claim to offer the best or only way to rig lures, but rather provides a different perspective backed by expert advice.

The goal of the series is to put you in front of these types of fishermen, who have a lifetime of experience fishing for multiple species all over the world. What sets the guys at In The Spread apart is the time they have invested in thinking about what they are doing and experimenting with that knowledge on the water over and over again.

Meet the Experts

The experts featured in this video series are all marlin fishing and lure rigging experts, each an artist and a pioneer within the industry.

  • Jack Tullius, owner of Black Bart Lures, the largest trolling lure company in the world.
  • Andy Moyes, of Moyes Big Game Tactical, one of the best big game captains and mates in the world.
  • RJ Boyle, a south Florida fishing legend, who is also one of the best swordfish anglers in the world.

Expert Knowledge to Help Level Up Your Offshore Fishing

This video series is a must-watch for anyone interested in marlin fishing and trolling lures. Each part of the series offers a wealth of knowledge, with each expert sharing their tools, discussing skirt selection, demonstrating how to rig marlin lures, profiling how various head shapes swim, where to position them in the spread, and which hooks to use and why.

Enjoy the series and remember, never stop learning!

What is the best way to rig a marlin lure?

There is no single "best" way to rig a marlin lure. As long as your terminal connections are solid, you can experiment with different techniques and find what works best for you.

What types of lure heads are best for blue marlin fishing?

The video series discusses various lure heads and their swimming actions. Experts like Andy Moyes share their favorite lure heads and the best positions for them in the spread.

What hooks should I use for marlin fishing?

The choice of hooks depends on personal preference and the specific techniques being used. The experts in the video series discuss their preferred hooks and the reasons behind their choices.

How can I improve my marlin fishing skills?

Watching informative video series like "In The Spread Offshore Trolling Lures and Rigging Techniques," learning from experienced anglers, and spending time on the water experimenting and practicing are all great ways to improve your marlin fishing skills.

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