Offshore Fishing with a Trolling Planer

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

In summer, planers are effective for catching saltwater and coastal waters. Instructors RJ Boyle and Mark Danley discuss setups, tackle, rods, reels, rigs, tactics, and techniques. Strip baits are ideal for targeting kingfish, grouper, wahoo, and sailfish, making planers a successful choice for commercial operations.

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Trolling planers are the ultimate tool for nearshore fishing. If you're fishing in nearshore waters of 300 feet or less, trolling planers is the most productive tool you can use. During the summer, when the air temperature soars and the upper water column heats up, fish tend to go deeper. The question is: How do you get your baits down to where the fish are? The answer: Use a fishing planer. If you're not using them, you might as well consider another hobby, like golf. And while this guide is based on experiences in South Florida, the knowledge about trolling planer fishing is universally applicable.

Fishing with Trolling Planers Video with RJ Boyle

This video tutorial, featuring RJ Boyle, delves deep into the art of using a planer for fishing. Here's a sneak peek into the topics covered:

  • Big boat and small boat setups
  • Tackle essentials
  • The right rods and reels
  • Rigs, tactics, and techniques for planer fishing
Discover the advantages of fishing with a planer through this comprehensive presentation.

Dive into the Mechanics

Understand the intricacies of the rig:

  • Hooks selection
  • The role of mylar, squid skirts, and sea witches in bait protection
  • Choosing the right color skirts for different water conditions
  • Insights into fluorocarbon and monofilament usage
  • The importance of multiple swivels on both ends of the planer

Bait Choices for Planer Fishing

RJ discusses the best strip baits for your planer fishing rig:

  • Bonito
  • Mullet
  • Squid
  • Artificial or rubber strip baits

Remember: Fresh is always best. Opt for what's abundant in your local waters and learn the art of hooking baits with single and double hook rigs.

Setting Up Your Trolling Spread

Get insights on:

  • Setting up for both sport fishers and center consoles
  • Using different size planers and their significance
  • Staggering your spread to avoid tangles during turns
  • Techniques to deploy, trip, and release planers
  • Tips on effectively fighting fish

Why Trolling a Planer is Essential

Whether you're targeting grouper, sailfish, kingfish, wahoo, or other reef species in nearshore waters, a planer will significantly increase your catch rate. Ever wondered why commercial kingfish anglers swear by them? Because they work! Whether you're navigating a current edge, temperature break, or deep structure, mastering this technique will ensure you're not just fishing—you're catching. Adopt this tactic, proven by top crews globally, and boost your fishing game.

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