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In The Spread: The Ultimate in Sport Fishing Instruction

Welcome to In The Spread (ITS), the pinnacle of sport fishing instructional media. We're not just any streaming platform; we're an experience, a journey, and a revolution in the world of fishing.

Dive into the profound depths of our fishing videos and emerge a more seasoned angler, equipped with knowledge from the world's most seasoned fishermen.


Our mission is to be the bridge between experience and the avid angler, between knowledge and application, between the sea and the fisherman.

Seth Horne, Creator and Founder

Why Choose In The Spread?

1. World-Class Knowledge Base

With ITS, you're not just watching videos; you're imbibing wisdom from those who've spent lifetimes with lines in waters, be it saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, deep sea fishing, or any niche in between.

2. Diverse Collection

From offshore fishing adventures to inshore fishing tricks, our aim is to curate the most comprehensive fishing video library on the planet.

3. High-Quality Content

Quality is our hallmark. Each video is a blend of top-notch cinematography, detailed instruction, and pure fishing entertainment.

4. Revolutionary Approach

We're redefining fishing education. Gone are the days of the monotonous "watch me catch fish" narratives. With ITS, you're part of a broader story - one of sharing, learning, and growth.

Dive Deep into Our Content

At ITS, every video is a masterclass. Here's a sneak peek into what our platform offers:

   • Technical Mastery: Grasp the nuances of baits, tackle, tactics, and techniques. Whether you're venturing into the world of offshore fishing or navigating the freshwater landscapes, our content is your compass.

   • Rigging & Boatmanship: The right rigging methods and boatmanship skills can be gamechangers. Our experts shed light on these often overlooked aspects, ensuring you're always a step ahead in the game.

   • Species-Specific Insights: From the mighty marlins of the deep sea to the agile bass of freshwater lakes, our library covers a multitude of species, each with its unique strategies and approaches.

Key Team Members

If you are going to learn, learn from the best. We only work with fishing captains, guides and anglers that are considered to be best of the best.

Our team of instructors is dedicated to transferring their knowledge to you, so you can take your on the water preparedness to the highest level!

Seth Horne, Creator and Founder

Seth Horne, Creator and Founder

Seth explores sport fishing destinations around the world pursuing apex predator game fish of all kinds.

His goal is the fish with the best and learn what they know. I distill that knowledge and share it with other fishermen thirsty to improve their lot.

As an experienced outdoor sports media professional, Seth who owns and operates production companies that produce and distribute niche outdoors films and video. He has been in content development for over 19 years, having produced and managed projects in the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and Australia.

William Toney, Saltwater

William Toney, Saltwater

Captain William Toney, a fourth-generation fishing guide from Homosassa, Florida, skillfully combines traditional wisdom with contemporary techniques. The owner of Homosassa Inshore Fishing, he's an expert in fishing species like Redfish, Mangrove Snapper, Seatrout and Snook.

Beyond guiding, he's a member of the Homosassa Guide's Association and co-owns 'In The Spread', where he imparts his fishing knowledge. He's featured in various media, solidifying his respected status in the community.

Toney's understanding of redfish is noteworthy, sharing insights on bait presentation and adapting techniques to different waters. His emphasis on fresh bait and understanding fish behavior underscores his global reputation as a top guide. Captain Toney's vast knowledge, especially of the waters north of Tampa, positions him as an ambassador and educator in the fishing world.

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Cory Allen, Freshwater

Cory Allen, Freshwater

Cory Allen, often dubbed the "Tennessee Muskie Authority" (TMA), is a master in muskie fishing, particularly within the Tennessee River drainage basin. This title, reminiscent of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), signifies his expertise spanning several states. 

Recognized as one of the U.S.'s top muskie guides, Allen's deep understanding of muskellunge behavior and environmental factors distinguishes him. Years of study and hands-on experience have honed his skills, yet he remains humble, always seeking to refine his craft. Whether through direct guidance or his instructional videos on In The Spread, Allen generously shares his profound knowledge, solidifying his legacy in muskie fishing.

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Mike Dupree, Saltwater

Mike Dupree, Saltwater

Captain Mike "Slick" Dupree, hailing from North Carolina, is a renowned angler, hunter, and filmmaker. Steering the X-Rayted Fishing Team, he epitomizes the adventurous outdoorsman, exploring every facet of North Carolina's wilderness. 

Based at Cape Pointe Marina on Harkers Island, Slick's reputation as a skilled U.S. Coast Guardlicensed Captain is bolstered by his commitment to authenticity. He believes in sharing his methods, emphasizing personal experience over rigid guidelines.

Additionally, Slick captures adventures on film, turning fishing trips into memorable experiences.

With vast expertise in various wahoo, blue marlin, redfish and king mackerel tournaments, Captain Slick celebrates North Carolina's natural beauty, merging adventure and education with genuine transparency.

Knowledge Sharing at Its Best

Fishing isn't just about the catch; it's about the camaraderie, the shared experiences, and the collective wisdom passed down through generations.

Our philosophy is simple: to elevate every angler's experience by sharing invaluable insights. We believe in full transparency. Nothing is held back. The ITS platform is your window into the minds of out-of-the-box thinkers from the sport fishing world, guiding you to bigger and more frequent catches.


Explore, learn, and conquer the waters with In The Spread - Your ultimate sport fishing video learning resource.

Seth Horne, Creator and Founder

A World of Sport Fishing Awaits

From the vastness of saltwater realms to the tranquility of freshwater havens, our videos span the entire spectrum of the fishing universe. Whether you're a newcomer looking for guidance or a seasoned pro eager for advanced tactics, In The Spread is your ultimate destination. 

Join us in our mission to make fishing not just a hobby, but an art, a science, and a lifelong passion. 

With In The Spread, every day is a new opportunity to learn, evolve, and, most importantly, to catch!