Capt. Chad Bryson, Fishing instructor

Capt. Chad Bryson

No sir, Chad Bryson isn't your typical person. He is a maestro of the wide aquatic wilderness and a man of the river, a wise man of the stream. He has served as an angler, a guide, and even a product development consultant for more years than a catfish has whiskers. He is regarded as a pillar of the fly fishing industry.


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Chad Bryson ain't your ordinary fellow, no sir. He's a man of the river, a sage of the stream, a virtuoso of the vast aquatic wilderness. He's been a respected pillar of the fly fishing industry for more years than a catfish has whiskers, serving as an angler, guide, and even a consultant for product development. His prey of choice? The freshwater apex predators, those elusive brown trout and muskie, and he's been on their trail for decades.

Chad's got a knack for the craft, a specialized set of skills that make him a veritable Sherlock Holmes of the river. His knowledge of tackle, tactics, baits, lures, and the behavior of the fish themselves would put an ichthyologist to shame. If you're looking to gear up for musky, Chad's your man.

For thirty years, Chad's been a wandering minstrel of the fishing world, guiding fly fishing and hunting expeditions in every coveted location you could name. If he wanted to work there, he went there. Some jobs were diamonds, others were rough, but each one was a chapter in the grand adventure of his life. From the Americas to Asia, across three continents and seven countries, Chad's been living out of two duffel bags, a backpack, and occasionally a gun case.

Folks would look at Chad, living his gypsy lifestyle, and they'd say, "I wish I could walk a mile in your shoes." You can watch him in action sharing his wit and acumen in his many videos, if you've got the time and the inclination. He'd appreciate it if you subscribed.

But after all those years and all those miles, Chad's come back home to Georgia. He's traded in the nomadic life for the comfort of his own bed, the pleasure of his own food, and the solidity of a dry, hard structure to call home. He's guiding fly fishing expeditions on Georgia's warm water rivers now, introducing folks to the unique angling experience of catching the native Striped Bass, White Bass, and Coosa Bass. And let me tell you, there's nothing Chad looks forward to more than a day spent on those waters. So, if you're ever in the Peach State and have a hankering for some fishing, look up Chad Bryson. You won't be disappointed.

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