Kevin Hibbard, Fishing instructor

Kevin Hibbard

Captain Kevin Hibbard, a renowned blue marlin fishing expert, has a deep connection to the ocean and has honed his skills in heavy tackle and lure fishing. He has honed his knowledge and techniques from the best captains in the business, including Henry Chee and George Parker. Hibbard's approach to fishing is simple, focused, and trusting, ensuring the best lures are chosen for the ocean's conditions. His dedication to the craft and his passion for the ocean's giants make him a sought-after fishing expert.


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Captain Kevin Hibbard, born on June 4th, 1972, is a testament to the exhilarating allure of the sea's vast bounty. Hailing from St. Augustine, Florida, Hibbard moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in January 1995, lured by the siren call of the Blue Marlin that inhabit the Pacific waters. From that moment on, Hibbard's life became an odyssey of pursuit, a quest for the world's largest fish that took him far beyond Hawaii's serene shores.

His passion and curiosity steered him to the world's major fishing hotspots, from the Azores to Cape Verde, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Yet, despite his globe-trotting exploits, his heart has always belonged to Kona, his adopted home. It is there where Hibbard feels the most profound connection to the sea, embracing the thrill of encountering the ocean's behemoths at any given moment.
Specializing in heavy tackle and lure fishing, Hibbard's thirst for knowledge led him to learn from the best captains in the business, each imparting invaluable insights and techniques. He eventually acquired his USCG Captain's license in 1998, further consolidating his expertise. Hibbard also developed an affinity for chasing World Records, both on a conventional rod and reel, and on Fly Rod, showcasing his versatility as an angler.

Hibbard's philosophy towards fishing is imbued with a deep reverence for the pioneers of the craft, such as Henry Chee and George Parker, the trailblazers of trolling lure designs for marlin fishing in Hawaii. Hibbard embodies this rich heritage every time he ventures into the deep blue, carrying forward the traditions set forth by these Hawaiian legends.
While he may eschew the limelight, Captain Hibbard is a silent powerhouse in the world of blue marlin fishing. His experience, knowledge, and respect for the craft have made him one of the most soughtafter fishing experts in the world. He's been a valuable contributor to In The Spread's series of blue marlin fishing videos, where his expertise and articulate expression have elevated the art of marlin fishing to new heights.

Understanding the subtle nuances between different waters, Hibbard tailors his approach and lure designs to best suit the ocean conditions. His prowess as a calm water expert is particularly noteworthy, with the tranquil waters off Kona serving as his playground. His approach to fishing is emblematic of his personality: keep it simple, stay focused, and trust in the process.

Hibbard's insight extends beyond lure patterns and positioning. He meticulously details the difference in the lure's smoke trails, his unique rigging techniques, and his distinct method of hook positioning based on lure design. He also emphasizes the importance of confidence in one's lure choice, likening fishermen's attachment to their lures to a woman's fondness for her shoes.

But, most importantly, Captain Kevin Hibbard embodies the spirit of the marlin fisherman – the courage to chase the world's largest fish, the wisdom to learn from the best, and the humility to pay homage to the history and heritage of the craft. With each grander blue marlin off Hawaii or grander black marlin off Australia, Hibbard reinforces his status as a master of the sea, an unrivaled expert in his field. His life is a testament to the joy of pursuit, the thrill of the chase, and the deep respect for the ocean's giants.

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