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Josh Howard

Captain Josh Howard, owner of Deep South Charters, has a passion for fishing since he was ten. He has caught two state record fish, including a Greater Amberjack and Bearded Brotula. Howard's personal record for yellowfin tuna is 200 pounds, and he is determined to break the 200-pound mark for the tuna. His dedication to the sport and his love for the ocean make him a true fishing legend.


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Captain Josh Howard, renowned owner and operator of Deep South Charters, has a lifetime of riveting tales originating from the pulsating heart of the best fishing hotspot in the world - Venice, Louisiana. From humble beginnings, his love affair with fishing started at the tender age of ten when he honed his skills catching perch at the local lake. From there, he graduated to exploring the bays and marshes around Leeville, Louisiana, where he discovered a thrilling new world of huge red fish and speckled trout.

However, it was the spectacle of blue marlin tail walking across the water, the sight of a hundredpound yellowfin tuna smashing a top water popper, and the exhilarating experience of a mahi mahi leaping wildly out of the water that truly stirred Captain Howard's spirit. Upon his first encounter with the blue water, he found an irresistible calling - a bond so strong that turning back was never an option. From that day forward, he dedicated his life to exploring the mystical wonders of the sea, owning several offshore boats and relishing countless days fishing the blue water.

Captain Howard's unwavering commitment and passion for fishing led him to his current role as a fulltime offshore charter captain out of Venice, Louisiana. Here, he operates Deep South Charters, offering world-class fishing experiences with a bounty of impressive species, including Yellowfin Tuna, Grouper, Amberjack, Red Snapper, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Marlin. His personal favorites are the larger varieties, including the hundred-pound wahoo, the two-hundred-pound yellowfin tuna, and the thousand-pound blue marlin. For Captain Howard, this is the epitome of heavenly delight.

His expertise and dedication have borne fruit - Captain Howard is the proud catcher of two state record fish. His accolades include landing a Greater Amberjack weighing a massive 127.8 pounds, securing Louisiana's #2 state record. He also boasts the #1 state record for Bearded Brotula, with an 18-pound catch. His personal record for yellowfin tuna stands close to 200 pounds and a bull dolphin at 58 pounds - a testament to his skills and perseverance.

Fueled by the desire to continually surpass his own achievements, Captain Howard's upcoming goal is to break the 200-pound mark for the yellowfin tuna. He stands at the helm of Deep South Charters, his eyes forever trained on the horizon, a testament to his relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. Despite battling against summer thunderstorms, bitter winter conditions, and days where the seas don't cooperate, his unwavering love for the art of fishing remains the guiding force behind his incredible journey.

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