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September 16, 2020
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Offshore fishing videos are not just for watching fisherman catch fish but also for learning from successful fishermen. The Spread aims to share fishing knowledge and provide a solid plan of execution. Understanding ocean conditions, weather, and safety equipment is crucial for success. Returning to land safely is the most important part of the offshore fishing adventure.

For those in search of offshore fishing videos, there are two primary considerations you make when you begin to comb the internet. You are either interested in the watch some fisherman catch fish format or you desire to learn. In The Spread does not do the watch person catch fish videos. We produce educational videos that show you how to catch fish. Yes, there will be people catching fish, but this is there to view within the context of learning. The content found in our offshore fishing videos library focuses on how to achieve success targeting a variety of gamefish. Our singular mission is to share the fishing knowledge of fishermen that are in the best of the best group. Offshore fishing is no joke. Learning from fishermen that have obtained success over the course of many, many years should be your goal.

When you venture into the offshore fishing realm there are several challenges. You are heading way offshore, where there is little margin for error. Mistakes or bad thinking can cost lives. Before you leave the dock, you need to have a plan of execution. What is your objective? How are you going to reach it and do you have all the gear necessary to make that plan come to fruition?

The ocean is a serene place that provides many with peace of mind. This solace can quickly turn to trouble, if you are not prepared. Ocean conditions and the weather can go from calm to unruly without notice. It is paramount to know the forecasted weather, winds and waves. Even the most seasoned fishermen are occasionally caught off guard. A solid, well thought out plan will be the difference between success and failure. Know where you are going and the currents you will face. Make sure you have enough gas and the appropriate safety equipment. Returning to land safely is the most important part of your offshore fishing adventure. With all the time and money that goes into fishing the deep blue, the last thing you want is the exposure of a poor plan, when mother nature rears her head.

The fishermen you will learn from in our offshore fishing videos are extremely seasoned. Each and every one of them has spent their life plying the waters and know full well the inherent risks in heading out beyond sight of land. We work with this level of fisherman, so you will have the very best information about how to catch that fish of a lifetime. Never doubt that safety and sound decision making is at the forefront of their agenda.

The type of guys we work with are what I consider to be multi-discipline fishermen. What does that mean? Very few offshore fishermen are one dimensional. Every single captain, angler, guide or mate that I have made fishing videos with is really good at targeting a wide variety of gamefish. It doesn't matter if it is marlin, swordfish, sailfish, tuna, wahoo or dolphin, each and every guy can catch all of these fish. They may excel at one species in particular, but they can go out catch any of the offshore species you may be interested in. Another important factor is that each of them has fished a wide variety of destinations around the world. Why is this key? Breadth of knowledge when it comes to techniques. When you get outside your main fishing waters, you are exposed to all sorts of different tackle uses, baits, rigging, thought processes and ideas. You become more seasoned and more able to reflect on your own fishing. With more experience comes wisdom and that is what each of our instructors brings to the table.

Even though each of our instructors is well suited to target any number of species, in our videos they take a singular focus. Most of our offshore fishing videos are species driven. That means you are learning how to catch a specific fish. It could be swordfish, marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo or dolphin. The vast majority of really good fishermen head offshore to target a specific fish. Now, they will be prepared to shift gears and go after something else, if the opportunity presents itself to do so. With that in mind, our offshore fishing videos are created to teach you tactics and techniques for one fish.

When you get right down to it, nobody should want to learn from average fishermen. You should make it your mission in life to watch, listen to and learn from people that thrive. In The Spread provides access to just that. No matter the gamefish you are after, we have tactical and technical skills for you. You will learn the importance of having a plan and how to execute on it. Whether you are fishing on a big boat or a small boat, the fishing knowledge we provide will help you catch more fish. From lure, baits, hooks, leaders, rods and reels, rigging, angling, boat driving, setting up a spread, bait presentation, when and where to go and so much more, In The Spread offshore fishing videos are available to help you learn.

Keep in mind, that there is always a cost to learning. It could be time, money or both. Sure, there are a load of free fishing videos out there, but what is the quality? Is a good institution of higher learning free? The answer is no and for a reason. To go out and gather all the information we offer takes a lot of time and money. There is also the convenience factor. We make all our videos available in one convenient location. You don't have to go from site to site or spend countless hours searching for good quality information that is going to help you succeed. In The Spread is a one stop shop for higher fishing knowledge.

In The Spread is one of the world's premier sport fishing video companies and educational outlets for demonstration, explanation and insight on how to catch fish. Get inside access to our video library by becoming a member.

Seth Horne In The Spread,
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