Tuna Fishing - Chunking Drifting and Live Baiting Yellowfin

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Discover the secrets to catching yellowfin tuna in the Bahamas from top tuna fishermen in S. Florida. Discover their trip planning, baits, tackle, and tactics for catching yellowfin. Learn about chunking, drifting, live baiting, electronics, working birds, trolling lures, and keeping fish close to your boat for quick catch.

Description / Review / Instructor

  • Hosts: Florida fishing pro RJ Boyle and Triston Hunt
  • Topic: Techniques to catch yellowfin tuna
  • Key Elements
  1. Preparation
  2. Bait and tackle selection
  3. Theories on baiting tuna
  4. Applicability of techniques worldwide
  5. Insights from experienced fishermen
  • Video Features:
  1. Tuna fishing in the Bahamas
  2. In-depth details on various fishing techniques
  3. Discussion on gear, baits, electronics, trolling, and more

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

This video serves as a masterclass in practical fishing skills, emphasizing the value of experience and hands-on learning in the art of catching yellowfin tuna. RJ Boyle, a seasoned Florida fishing pro and tackle shop owner, collaborates with Triston Hunt, a fisherman known for his low-profile yet rich expertise in the field. Their discussion isn't just theoretical; it delves deeply into actionable strategies, from preparation to selecting the right bait and tackle. They explore the nuances of baiting tuna, sharing insights that are universally applicable, underscoring the idea that the principles of fishing remain consistent globally.

Triston Hunt's approach to sharing his knowledge is particularly noteworthy. He's not just another fisherman; he's a treasure trove of fishing wisdom, gained from countless hours on the water. This video encourages viewers to learn from the best, whether that means fishing alongside experts or absorbing knowledge from seasoned professionals like Hunt. The underlying message is clear: being a successful fisherman is about much more than just spending money on gear and trips. It's about acquiring the right knowledge, strategies, and insights – the kind that can only come from real-world experience and learning from those who truly know the craft. This approach not only enhances the chances of a successful catch but also enriches the overall fishing experience.

Tuna Fishing Tactics and Techniques

This fishing video takes an innovative and highly effective approach to yellowfin tuna fishing, focusing on tactics and techniques that are unconventional yet remarkably successful. The primary setting for these strategies is the Bahamas, known for its rich marine life and challenging fishing conditions. However, the beauty of these methods lies in their versatility; they are designed to be adaptable and can be applied in various fishing environments across the globe.

The conversation in the video is rich with insights and practical advice, aimed at both novice and experienced anglers. It delves into the specifics of what makes tuna fishing in the Bahamas unique, while also highlighting how these techniques can be modified and used in different locations. This adaptability is key, as it allows anglers to apply these tactics in their local waters, regardless of the differences in conditions or tuna behavior.

By focusing on "outside the box" techniques, the video promises to equip viewers with a set of skills and knowledge that go beyond the conventional wisdom found in typical fishing guides. These techniques are not just about catching fish; they are about doing so more efficiently and effectively, offering viewers a chance to elevate their fishing game significantly. Whether it's a different way to use bait, innovative tackle setups, or unique approaches to reading the water and fish behavior, the video aims to provide a comprehensive toolkit for successful tuna fishing anywhere in the world.

Learn Everything You Need to Know

This video is a comprehensive guide, offering a wealth of knowledge for yellowfin tuna fishing enthusiasts looking to elevate their skills and experiences. It covers an extensive array of topics essential for a successful tuna fishing expedition, making it a treasure trove of information for both beginners and seasoned anglers.

Key areas of focus include tuna chunking, live baiting, and sophisticated locating strategies. These techniques are crucial in attracting and catching yellowfin tuna, and the video provides in-depth explanations and demonstrations of each method. You'll learn about the right timing for fishing, which is critical for maximizing your chances of a successful catch. Understanding the behavioral patterns of yellowfin tuna and how they relate to different times of day and weather conditions can significantly impact your outing.

Watch as we also delves into the specifics of gear selection. This includes recommendations on the best types of rods, reels, lines, and other equipment, tailored to yellowfin tuna fishing. The importance of choosing the right bait is emphasized, with insights into what types of baits are most effective and under what conditions.

Moreover, the importance of fine-tuning your electronics, such as fish finders and GPS systems is highlighted. These tools are invaluable for locating schools of tuna and understanding the underwater terrain. You'll learn how to interpret the data from these devices to make strategic decisions while fishing.

Another critical aspect covered is the technique of working with birds. Many anglers know that birds can be indicators of where fish are located, and the video teaches how to read and follow bird behavior to find tuna.

Additionally, there are discussions on various fishing methods like trolling with lures, chunking, drifting, and live baiting. Each method is broken down, explaining how and when to use them effectively.

Learn how to keep a school of tuna close to your boat, a skill that can significantly increase your catch rate. Alongside this, it provides detailed guidance on the best tackle and rigs for yellowfin tuna fishing.

Overall, this video stands as an essential resource, packed with practical advice and tips from seasoned professionals. It's designed to make your next yellowfin tuna fishing outing not just successful, but one for the history books.

Bait and Tackle Discussion

The bait and tackle segment of this video offers a comprehensive and detailed exploration of the essentials for successful tuna fishing. It goes beyond the basics, delving into the nuances of choosing and using various baits and tackle components, which are crucial for both attracting and catching tuna.

The discussion about bait is extensive, covering both live and dead options. It addresses questions like which baits are most effective for tuna fishing and why. The video explores the preferred baits among experienced anglers, discussing their effectiveness and availability. It also delves into the quantity of bait needed for a successful outing, a critical aspect often overlooked by less experienced anglers.

An interesting part of the bait discussion is how these seasoned fishermen obtain their bait and the methods they use to keep it fresh. This is vital information, as the freshness and quality of the bait can significantly impact the success of the fishing trip.

When it comes to tackle, the video emphasizes simplicity and efficiency. Every element, from the hook to the rod and reel, is meticulously covered. The video explains each knot, connection, and component, providing viewers with a thorough understanding of how to assemble and use their tackle effectively.

A key topic is the choice between braided line and monofilament. The video explains the advantages and disadvantages of each type of line, helping viewers make an informed decision based on their fishing style and conditions.

Fluorocarbon leaders are highlighted as a preferred choice, and the video explains why they are so effective for tuna fishing. It also discusses the appropriate length and strength of these leaders to maximize their effectiveness.

The use of harnesses is another aspect covered. While not essential for everyone, the video explains how they can be useful for certain fishing styles or situations, and it presents options for those who prefer to use them.

An interesting point raised is the physical aspect of fighting the fish. The video addresses the common perception that anglers must always stand up while fighting a tuna, offering alternatives and tips for different approaches.

Lastly, Triston's personal tactic of trolling with very small attractant lures is explored. The video delves into why he prefers this method, and how these lures can be used effectively to lure tuna, providing viewers with insights into a less conventional but potentially highly effective fishing technique.

Key Questions

This video serves as an essential guide for anglers aiming to master the art of yellowfin tuna fishing, addressing critical questions about locating and enticing these elusive fish. It delves deep into the strategies and technologies that can significantly enhance your fishing experience, saving both time and money.

A central focus is on finding yellowfin tuna. It explores the advanced use of marine electronics, discussing the different capabilities and advantages they offer. The role of radar is examined in detail, especially its necessity and how it can be fine-tuned to locate birds, which are often key indicators of where tuna can be found. The video teaches how to interpret the behavior of birds over the water, a skill that can be pivotal in locating schools of tuna.

Once the birds are located, the video shifts to discussing the tactics for getting yellowfin tuna to bite. It explains the effectiveness of different lures and why certain small lures tend to attract more fish. The nuances of these lures, including their design and how they mimic the natural prey of tuna, are broken down to give viewers a clear understanding of their appeal to these fish.

Another significant aspect covered is the technique of live bait chumming. This method is essential for keeping the fish interested and close to the boat. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to execute this technique effectively, ensuring that viewers can apply these tactics with ease.

Additionally, strategy variations needed when using live baits versus dead baits are addressed. It explains how the approach to keeping fish near the boat changes with the type of bait used, offering insights that could be pivotal in different fishing scenarios.

Overall, "In The Spread" aims to impart practical, in-depth knowledge to help viewers fish smarter. The video promises to be a rich resource for continual learning, ensuring that viewers can refine their techniques and approaches to yellowfin tuna fishing, ultimately leading to more successful and rewarding fishing trips.

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