Tuna Fishing - Chunking and Chumming Yellowfin

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Instructor: Josh Howard

Venice, Louisiana is known for its abundant yellowfin tuna fishing, with captains and crews using advanced tactics and techniques. Capt. Josh Howard utilizes trawl boat by-catch to create a healthy chum slick, while In The Spread fishing video teaches ideal baits, chumming, and chunking. Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico relies on working fixed or mobile fish aggregators, making trowl boats an excellent fishing opportunity.

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  • Location: Gulf of Mexico, south of Louisiana, especially Venice.
  • Unique Feature: Oil platforms and the Green Water Phenomenon.
  • Key Species: Yellowfin tuna as the prime attraction.
  • Expert Insights: Collaboration with Capt. Josh Howard.
  • Focus: Tactics and strategies for chunking and chumming yellowfin tuna using dead baits.
  • Distinctive Approach: Dependence on fixed or mobile bait fish aggregators instead of bird activity.
  • Content: Comprehensive video tutorial on catching yellowfin tuna.

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brandon Gregory 08.29.2020


Josh Howard

Captain Josh Howard, owner of Deep South Charters, has a passion for fishing since he was ten. He has caught two state record fish, including a Greater Amberjack and Bearded Brotula. Howard's personal record for yellowfin tuna is 200 pounds, and he is determined to break the 200-pound mark for the tuna. His dedication to the sport and his love for the ocean make him a true fishing legend.

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