Tuna Fishing - Top 5 Yellowfin Surface Lures - Venice

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Instructor: Josh Howard

Venice, Louisiana is the yellowfin tuna fishing capital, offering expert knowledge on selecting top poppers and swimbaits for yellowfin and blackfin tuna. Capt. Josh Howard shares his experience, guiding fishermen to confidently use these lures in their tackle box.

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  • Location: Venice, Louisiana    Expert: Captain Josh Howard of Deep South Charters
  • Specialty: Yellowfin and Blackfin tuna fishing
  • Featured Content: Preferred lures and bait techniques
  • Key Takeaway: Understand tuna behavior and the importance of matching the bait to their diet in specific locations.

Deep sea fishing, particularly for yellowfin tuna, is an exhilarating experience that can be both thrilling and challenging. The moment when a massive tuna strikes your topwater lure is often described as explosive, offering an adrenaline rush that many anglers find addictive. This is especially true in Venice, Louisiana, recognized as North America's premier yellowfin tuna fishery.

Captain Josh Howard of Deep South Charters, a seasoned expert in this area, brings a wealth of knowledge to the experience. His extensive year-round fishing experience in these waters has given him a profound understanding of the behavior of yellowfin and blackfin tuna. In this In The Spread video, he shares insights on choosing the right lures, focusing on yellowfin and blackfin poppers and swimming baits.

One key aspect of successful tuna fishing, as highlighted by Captain Howard, is selecting lures that effectively mimic the action of the prevailing baitfish in the area. This requires not just knowledge of the local marine ecosystem but also an understanding of how different lures behave under various conditions. The right lure can make a significant difference in attracting these powerful fish.

This fusion of expertise, environment, and equipment makes tuna fishing in Venice a unique and highly sought-after experience for anglers. Whether it's the thrill of the catch or the beauty of the open ocean, it's an adventure that offers something special for everyone involved. Learn more about fishing surface lures for yellowfin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico.

Surface Poppers: The Lure of Choice

Josh's selection of surface poppers for tuna fishing is based on a nuanced understanding of both the prey the tuna are targeting and the prevailing sea conditions. His choice between different styles of poppers – those that spit and float on the surface versus those that swim just below – is a strategic decision influenced by the behavior and preferences of the tuna on any given day.

When the target is larger tuna, Josh leans towards bigger poppers, which can be more effective in attracting the attention of these sizable fish. His expertise also extends to the color schemes of the lures. Different color schemes can be more or less effective depending on factors like water clarity, light conditions, and the type of baitfish present in the area.

In his video tutorial, Josh walks through his favorite tuna lures, elaborating on why certain types and colors work better in specific scenarios. This includes his go-to colors, which have proven successful over his extensive fishing career. His insights provide valuable knowledge for anglers looking to understand the intricacies of lure selection in tuna fishing, ensuring they're equipped with the right tools and strategies to increase their chances of a successful catch.

Rigging the Lures: The Leader Material and More

In the realm of tuna fishing, the performance of hard baits can vary significantly, which is why Josh's insights into the rigging process are invaluable. He understands that the choice of leader material and its length can greatly influence the action and effectiveness of the lure.

Josh will delve into his preferred leader materials, explaining why he chooses one type over another for specific situations. This discussion includes an analysis of the pros and cons of using braided line compared to mono or fluorocarbon leaders. Each type of line has unique characteristics - braided lines offer strength and sensitivity, monofilament lines provide stretch and forgiveness, and fluorocarbon lines are nearly invisible underwater, offering a more stealthy approach.

A critical aspect of his tutorial is the explanation of why he uses specific lengths of leaders. The length of the leader can affect the lure's movement, its ability to mimic natural prey, and ultimately the success of attracting tuna. He will share the rationale behind his choices, which is likely based on years of experience and experimentation.

This detailed discussion in the video is not just about the technical aspects of rigging lures, but also offers a glimpse into the strategic thinking of an expert angler. Understanding these nuances is crucial for anyone looking to improve their skills in sportfishing, particularly in challenging environments like tuna fishing.

Advance Your Tuna Fishing Knowledge

This In The Spread video serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of yellowfin tuna fishing, particularly in the selection and use of lures. While the lures discussed in the video have proven successful in Venice, which is a renowned yellowfin tuna hotspot, it's important to recognize that effective bait choices can vary significantly based on geographical location and local marine ecosystems.

The video emphasizes the importance of understanding the specific diet of yellowfin and blackfin tuna in your fishing area. Different regions may have different prevalent baitfish, which means that lures effective in Venice might not yield the same results elsewhere, but they probably will. Therefore, doing thorough research on the local tuna diet and feeding patterns is crucial before making any lure purchases.

In addition to providing practical advice on lure selection, the video likely also offers insights into the behavior of these tuna species, techniques for using various lures, and tips on adapting your strategy based on changing conditions and tuna behavior. Watching and learning from In The Spread can empower anglers to make informed decisions, tailor their approach to their specific environment, and ultimately enhance their fishing experience and success rate.

Where is Venice located?

Venice is in Louisiana and is celebrated as the top yellowfin tuna fishery in North America.

Who is Captain Josh Howard?

Captain Josh Howard is an experienced expert from Deep South Charters specializing in tuna fishing in Venice, Louisiana.

What types of tuna does Captain Josh focus on?

Captain Josh mainly focuses on yellowfin and blackfin tuna.

Why is the choice of lure important?

The choice of lure is crucial because it needs to mimic the movement and appearance of the tuna's natural prey in the specific location.

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Josh Howard

Captain Josh Howard, owner of Deep South Charters, has a passion for fishing since he was ten. He has caught two state record fish, including a Greater Amberjack and Bearded Brotula. Howard's personal record for yellowfin tuna is 200 pounds, and he is determined to break the 200-pound mark for the tuna. His dedication to the sport and his love for the ocean make him a true fishing legend.

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