Tuna Fishing - Top 5 Yellowfin Surface Lures - Venice

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Instructor: Josh Howard

Venice, Louisiana is the yellowfin tuna fishing capital, offering expert knowledge on selecting top poppers and swimbaits for yellowfin and blackfin tuna. Capt. Josh Howard shares his experience, guiding fishermen to confidently use these lures in their tackle box.

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  • Location: Venice, Louisiana    Expert: Captain Josh Howard of Deep South Charters
  • Specialty: Yellowfin and Blackfin tuna fishing
  • Featured Content: Preferred lures and bait techniques
  • Key Takeaway: Understand tuna behavior and the importance of matching the bait to their diet in specific locations.

Experience the unparalleled thrill of deep sea fishing as a massive tuna detonates on your topwater lure. The adrenaline rush is simply addictive. This In The Spread video features Captain Josh Howard of Deep South Charters, a seasoned expert in Venice Louisiana tuna fishing. He shares his preferred yellowfin and blackfin poppers and swimming baits.

Venice is renowned as the premier yellowfin tuna fishery in North America. Capt. Howard, with his extensive year-round experience, has a deep understanding of these fish's behavior. Discover what he looks for in lures that effectively mimic the action of the prevailing bait fish.

Surface Poppers: The Art of Choice

Josh has a preference for a few styles of surface poppers. Some spit and float, while others swim just below the surface. His daily choice is influenced by what the tuna are chasing and the sea conditions. When larger fish are around, Josh opts for bigger poppers. He will walk you through each of his favorite tuna lures, the various color schemes that work, and his go-to colors.

Rigging the Lures: The Leader Material and More

Each hard bait runs differently, so Josh will discuss his preferred leader material and how much he uses when rigging the lures. You'll learn about the pros and cons of using braided line versus mono or fluorocarbon. Why does he use the leader length he does? Find out in the video.

Advance Your Tuna Fishing Knowledge

Enhance your understanding of yellowfin tuna fishing lures with this insightful In The Spread video. These are all excellent choices to include in your tackle box. However, there are many good baits available on the market. These just happen to be successful in Venice. Before you rush to purchase any lures, research what the yellowfin tuna and blackfin tuna feed on in your area. Be smart. Watch and learn with In The Spread.


Q: Where is Venice located?
A: Venice is in Louisiana and is celebrated as the top yellowfin tuna fishery in North America.

Q: Who is Captain Josh Howard?
A: Captain Josh Howard is an experienced expert from Deep South Charters specializing in tuna fishing in Venice, Louisiana.

Q: What types of tuna does Captain Josh focus on?
A: Captain Josh mainly focuses on yellowfin and blackfin tuna.

Q: Why is the choice of lure important?
A: The choice of lure is crucial because it needs to mimic the movement and appearance of the tuna's natural prey in the specific location.

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Josh Howard

Captain Josh Howard, owner of Deep South Charters, has a passion for fishing since he was ten. He has caught two state record fish, including a Greater Amberjack and Bearded Brotula. Howard's personal record for yellowfin tuna is 200 pounds, and he is determined to break the 200-pound mark for the tuna. His dedication to the sport and his love for the ocean make him a true fishing legend.

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