Tuna Fishing - Giant Bluefin in Nova Scotia

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

In this In The Spread fishing video, RJ Boyle and Any Moyes discuss baiting and fishing giant bluefin tuna in Nova Scotia's shallow waters. They discuss heavy custom tackle, specialized rigs, and baiting tactics for hand-picking. Although Nova Scotia's fishing is unique, the techniques and knowledge shared can be applied globally.

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Article Summary:

  • Deep Sea Species: The giant bluefin tuna is one of the fiercest deep-sea fishing species.
  • Journey to Nova Scotia: "In The Spread" traveled to learn offshore fishing tactics.
  • The Battle: Fighting a giant bluefin tuna is intensely challenging.
  • Instructional Video: Offers insights on custom rods, rigs, hooks, and baits.
  • Nova Scotia's Unique Bluefin Fishery: Distinct fishing techniques compared to other places.
  • Andy Moyes's Techniques: Describes targeting bluefin tuna around herring boats and drifting live baits.
  • Tackle and Gear: Importance of suitable tackle for giant fish.
  • Final Thoughts: Big fish fishing may not be for everyone, but there's much to learn.

The Mighty Bluefin Tuna: An Angler's Ultimate Challenge

There may not be a more fierce deep sea fishing species than the giant bluefin tuna. The power and stamina of this game fish is unparalleled, making it the ultimate test for any angler.

The Journey to Nova Scotia

In The Spread traveled to Ballantyne’s Cove, Nova Scotia, for an opportunity to learn the offshore fishing tactics required to tangle with the toughest fish in the sea. Host RJ Boyle picks the brain of big game legend Andy Moyes, so you will be more knowledgeable.

The Battle with the Giant

When giant bluefin tuna fishing, you begin to reconsider whether you have really fought tough fish? Prepare to have your arms stretched and your back strained because nothing pulls like the GIANT bluefin tuna. Trying to stop one of these behemoths is like trying to stop a runaway dump truck with no brakes going downhill. Good luck!

Deep Dive into Tuna Fishing

With this instructional fishing video, you will get deep insight on custom rods, rigs, hooks, and baits that are used by these tuna fishing aficionados. Andy Moyes is a humble, deep-thinking big game fisherman. He will discuss how to bait these hogs, how to sight feed individual fish, how to hook them, and how to stay connected. It’s all here and more…RJ Boyle asks the hard-hitting questions and provides the answers on how to catch giant bluefin tuna.

The Nova Scotia Bluefin Fishery

The giant bluefin tuna fishery in Nova Scotia is really unique for big game fishing. The water is not deep, so the tuna do not dive they run and they run. The style and techniques used here are also dissimilar to those used in some of the more well-publicized bluefin fisheries in the states. Even though the fishing may be unique to Nova Scotia, take away the techniques and knowledge that you could apply elsewhere.

Andy Moyes's Techniques

You will see how Andy targets bluefin tuna in two different scenarios. The first involves fishing around herring boats. You will learn about how to avoid the nets, creating a chum stream, baiting the fish, how to mimic the natural fall of bait through the water using dead bait. The second deals with drifting live baits throughout the water column to target fish. You will see how to utilize kite fishing techniques, suspending bait with floats and dropping baits deeper. Find out how tides impact the tuna's feeding habits.

Tackle and Gear

When dealing with giant fish, you need to consider what is the most suitable tackle to minimize the time you fight the fish. This is heavy-duty fishing. The 130 lb reels all have upgraded bearings, gears, drag, and cams. These are high tolerance reels. The rods start as line handler poles. Lift is paramount. The blank is an unlimited 180 for max durability. But, whatever works for you is fine. The bluefin tuna rig has evolved over time and you will see how to assemble two different rigs. One is rather complicated and the other is the simplified version. The hooks and all the connections are discussed in detail.

Final Thoughts

This type of fishing is not for everybody, but there is still a lot you can learn about fishing for big fish of any species. Take your time and enjoy this video. Never stop learning.


What makes the bluefin tuna such a formidable catch?
The power and stamina of the giant bluefin tuna are unparalleled, making it an extreme test for any angler.

How is Nova Scotia's bluefin tuna fishery unique?
Unlike other fisheries, the water here isn't deep. As a result, tunas run instead of diving deep, necessitating distinct fishing techniques.

Who is Andy Moyes?
Andy Moyes is a big game fishing legend known for his deep knowledge and unique techniques in catching bluefin tuna.

What are the two primary techniques Andy Moyes uses?
Andy targets bluefin tuna around herring boats and by drifting live baits throughout the water column.

Why is selecting the right gear crucial for bluefin tuna fishing?
Using the right gear ensures the safety of both the angler and the fish. Proper equipment minimizes the fight time, ensuring less stress on the fish and more effective catch and release.

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