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  • high speed trolling wahoo rods and reels video cover

    2024, High Speed Wahoo Trolling Rods and Reels

    Expert angler RJ Boyle shares his insights on selecting the best rods and reels for high speed wahoo trolling, emphasizing the importance of quality tackle, rod sensitivity, and reel selection to maximize success when targeting these powerful and fast-swimming fish.

  • high speed trolling wahoo action from Cay Sal video cover

    2020, Wahoo - High Speed Trolling Cay Sal

    High Speed Trolling video from The Spread showcases thrilling wahoo fishing action, filmed on a boat. The video highlights the importance of a frontal system and the long-lasting bites. The video also provides tips on handling wahoo, including grabbing them with gill rakers for control and snapping pictures. Enjoy the gratuitous wahoo fishing action and thank those who taught you.

  • high speed trolling spreads for big and small boats video cover

    2020, Wahoo - High Speed Trolling Spread

    This video explains the benefits of using a simple wahoo trolling spread for high-speed fishing. Overcomplicating the setup can lead to tangling lines and idle time. It covers setting up a clean and efficient spread for both small and big boats, with three rod spreads for small boats and four rod spreads for big boats. As experience increases, understanding your boat and fishing limitations can help you catch more fish.

  • high speed trolling wahoo tournament secrets video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Secrets of High Speed Trolling

    Rick Redeker and RJ Boyle share their expertise on wahoo fishing, focusing on catching big wahoo. They discuss tactics, tackle expansion, and mental approach to consistently catch big fish. Rick shares information on lure colors, lead size, and water movement, while RJ emphasizes tidal windows and moon phases. This informative video will help fishers become smarter and more successful in their pursuit of wahoo.

  • high speed trolling wahoo how to drive the edge video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Driving the Edge High Speed Trolling

    Watch part 3 of the high speed wahoo trolling video about driving the edge. I added these parts, so you can quickly find some of the best parts of the video without having to watch the whole video. Edge trolling is difficult for a lot of fisherman. The wahoo are on the edge and that is where you need to focus your efforts. In the Bahamas the edge is hard, dropping off very quickly. It is not a straight line, but rather a zig zagging rough pattern of coral reefs. Take advantage of this short video on driving the edge featuring RJ Boyle. RJ commercial fished for much of his early life. His ability to feed his family depended on catching fish. Listen to what he is explaining. Driving the edge, as you trolling for wahoo, requires understanding how your lures move behind the boat as you drive. The boat may be in deep water, while the lures are in shallow. With a steep edge, you need to keep your lures in the right depth to get max bites. This is a crash course in edge trolling. Watch and learn how to catch wahoo driving the hard edge in the Bahamas. The principles shared here will make a difference.

  • Fishing for Dolphin Fish

    2018, Dolphin Fishing - Techniques and Tackle

    In The Spread dolphin fishing video shares tips, tactics, and pro-level techniques for catching dolphins. It covers boat prep, gaffs, tackle, baits, angling, boat driving, bird behavior, and surface cover. Fishing legend RJ Boyle demonstrates the art of crushing dorado and guiding teams to catch more fish.

  • Chunking Drifting and Live Baiting Yellowfin Tuna

    2018, Tuna Fishing - Chunking Drifting and Live Baiting Yellowfin

    Discover the secrets to catching yellowfin tuna in the Bahamas from top tuna fishermen in S. Florida. Discover their trip planning, baits, tackle, and tactics for catching yellowfin. Learn about chunking, drifting, live baiting, electronics, working birds, trolling lures, and keeping fish close to your boat for quick catch.

  • Broadbill Swordfish Seminar series

    2018, Swordfishing - Daytime Broadbill Seminar with RJ Boyle

    Florida daytime swordfish expert RJ Boyle offers a seminar on technical issues for dropping broadbill swordfish. He covers tackle and rigging, currents, bait targeting, boat driving, drift setup, and recognizing bites from fish nearby. RJ spends half an hour on the swordfish rig, providing experienced knowledge on every aspect of daytime swordfish fishing.

  • Inlet Fishing for Snook Fish

    2018, Swordfishing - Techniques for Hand Crank with RJ Boyle

    Anglers can choose between electric reels or hand cranking swordfish for a more sporty experience. RJ Boyle, an accomplished swordfishing angler, demonstrates how to deploy baits, drive the hook, and capture swordfish. He covers tackle, breakaway rig deployment, hook drive, and capturing the fish, allowing anglers to confidently go to swordfish grounds and become smarter fishers.

  • Daytime Swordfish Fishing South Florida

    2018, Swordfishing - Daytime Fishing in Florida with RJ Boyle

    In The Spread Daytime Swordfish instructional fishing video by RJ Boyle teaches beginners broadbill swordfish techniques, including catching fish from 1000 feet to the bottom. The video covers tackle, rods, reels, rig assembly, boat setup, and favorite baits. It also covers recognizing the bite and making the process easier.

  • High Speed Trolling for Wahoo

    2018, Wahoo - High Speed Trolling with RJ Boyle

    Discover the art and science of targeting wahoo with "In The Spread HIGH SPEED WAHOO TROLLING." This 2.5-hour video features Bahamas fishing experts revealing key trolling tactics, rigging essentials, and more. Elevate your wahoo fishing game with in-depth insights on tides, center console setups, and post-bite strategies.