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  • yellowfin tuna caught about Night Runner in Hawaii with Shawn Rotella

    2023, Lure Trolling for Yellowfin Tuna with Shawn Rotella

    Explore the intricacies of yellowfin tuna trolling with Captain Shawn Rotella. Discover expert tactics, best lure choices, and deep-sea secrets to elevate your sport fishing game.

  • Sub Surface Lures for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Sub Surface Lures for Yellowfin

    Yellowfin tuna are attracted to sub-surface lures, particularly sinking stickbaits, as they are more effective and avoid surface birds snatching. Tuna feed in the upper three meters of the water column, where they use the surface as an edge to trap baitfish. Seth Hartwick, a seasoned tuna fishing instructor, shares his knowledge on casting lures, angling techniques, terminal tackle, and ideal rod and reel setups in a fishing video.

  • Top 10 Tuna Lures - Seth Hartwick

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Top 10 Lures with Seth Hartwick

    Seth Hartwick, a renowned tuna fishing expert, shares his top 10 tuna lures for any global hotspot. He has fished every major tuna fishery and has refined his collection to only the best quality and performing lures. Seth has worked with top tuna anglers and lure craftsmen, ensuring his skill and knowledge are exceptional.

  • Topwater Lures for Yellowfin Tuna with Seth Hartwick

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Topwater Lures for Yellowfin with Seth

    Seth Hartwick, a global fishing expert, shares his experience in yellowfin tuna fishing using topwater lures like poppers and stickbaits. He shares tips for using various tackle, including tuna hooks, split rings, swivels, leader types, materials, and angling techniques. He emphasizes the importance of build quality in selecting the right lure for different sea conditions.

  • Jigs for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

    2022, Tuna Fishing - Jigs for Yellowfin

    Seth Hartwick, a global fisherman, shares his insights on yellowfin tuna jigs, jigging techniques, rods, and reels for targeting tuna at depth. He discusses rig options like drop cord, hooks, skirts, split rings, and swivels, as well as his preferred reels and rods for jigging. Hartwick emphasizes the importance of the right gear ratio, drag system, and rod size when selecting jigging rods.

  • Live Chumming Yellowfin Tuna

    2018, Tuna Fishing - Live Bait Chumming Yellowfin - Venice Louisiana

    Yellowfin tuna fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana is a paradise due to its structure and nutrients. Capt. Josh Howard demonstrates key techniques for chumping tuna and catching them quickly. Learn about his preferred tackle and baiting strategies for easy catching.

  • Best Yellowfin Tuna Surface Lures

    2018, Tuna Fishing - Top 5 Yellowfin Surface Lures - Venice

    Venice, Louisiana is the yellowfin tuna fishing capital, offering expert knowledge on selecting top poppers and swimbaits for yellowfin and blackfin tuna. Capt. Josh Howard shares his experience, guiding fishermen to confidently use these lures in their tackle box.

  • Chunking Drifting and Live Baiting Yellowfin Tuna

    2018, Tuna Fishing - Chunking Drifting and Live Baiting Yellowfin

    Discover the secrets to catching yellowfin tuna in the Bahamas from top tuna fishermen in S. Florida. Discover their trip planning, baits, tackle, and tactics for catching yellowfin. Learn about chunking, drifting, live baiting, electronics, working birds, trolling lures, and keeping fish close to your boat for quick catch.

  • Chunking and Chumming for Yellowfin Tuna

    2018, Tuna Fishing - Chunking and Chumming Yellowfin

    Venice, Louisiana is known for its abundant yellowfin tuna fishing, with captains and crews using advanced tactics and techniques. Capt. Josh Howard utilizes trawl boat by-catch to create a healthy chum slick, while In The Spread fishing video teaches ideal baits, chumming, and chunking. Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico relies on working fixed or mobile fish aggregators, making trowl boats an excellent fishing opportunity.

  • Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Seminar

    2018, Tuna Fishing - Yellowfin Seminar

    A seminar video from south Florida's top tuna fishermen discusses their success in yellowfin tuna fishing, focusing on the Bahamas waters. The video covers trip planning, weather conditions, tuna schools, baits, tackle, sportfish setups, bird behavior, and various tactics. The information is applicable to any rod and reel tuna fishery.

  • Yellowfin Tuna - Offshore Fishing Tips for a Pelagic Predator

    2023, Yellowfin Tuna - Offshore Fishing Tips for a Pelagic Predator

    Yellowfin tuna, a large, pelagic fish, inhabits warm Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans. They are apex predators, consuming small fish, squid, and crustaceans. Highly migratory, they spawn in tropical waters and migrate to cooler, nutrient-rich waters for breeding. Yellowfin tuna are valuable for sport fishermen and are an essential part of the marine ecosystem.

  • Tuna Fishing – Yellowfin Tuna Lures

    2023, Tuna Fishing – Yellowfin Tuna Lures

    In The Spread, a sport fishing educational video company, offers saltwater fishing videos for fishermen to improve their skills and knowledge in catching yellowfin tuna. The videos feature expert fishermen sharing their insights on how to catch various fish species, including tuna, and provide valuable information for anglers looking to enhance their tuna fishing experience.

  • Yellowfin Tuna | The Art of Smart Fishing

    2022, Yellowfin Tuna - The Art of Smart Fishing

    The yellowfin tuna is a large, streamlined torpedo fish known for its fast swimming and strong, acrobatic fights. It belongs to the Scombridae family and the genus Thunnus. Known for its high-quality meat and attractive appearance, it is a popular species for sportfishing and is valued for its high-quality meat.

  • Tuna Lures - Casting to Yellowfin and Bluefin

    2022, Tuna Lures - Casting to Yellowfin and Bluefin

    Trolling and casting are popular methods for tuna fishing, with surface poppers, stickbaits, sinking stickbaits, and jigs being popular categories. To determine the best products, it's essential to consult experienced fishermen. In The Spread, a blog, the author curates fishing knowledge by identifying knowledgeable fishermen who have dedicated themselves to a specific fishing technique. Seth Hartwick, a tuna tested world traveler, is an expert in casting lures for tuna.

  •  Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Videos - Be a Smarter Fisherman

    2022, Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Videos - Be a Smarter Fisherman

    In The Spread offers a collection of yellowfin tuna fishing videos, providing a first-person experience and curated knowledge from top big game fishermen. These videos cover species behavior, tackle, techniques, and tactics, allowing users to make better decisions on the water. By understanding species behavior, understanding tackle setups, and making smart bait and lure choices, they help catch yellowfin tuna effectively.

  • Chunking for Tuna - Fishing Videos

    2022, Chunking for Tuna - Fishing Videos

    Chunking tuna is a global process involving cutting up fish and feeding them to the awaiting tuna. Tuna are opportunistic feeders with ravenous appetites, constantly on the hunt. Fishermen must find productive areas and entice tuna away from them. Satellite mapping services can help identify potential productivity areas, but patience and knowledge are key. Tuna have predictable seasonal migration patterns, making it essential to use satellite maps and knowledge to find tuna.

  • Hooks for Tuna Fishing

    2021, Hooks for Tuna Fishing

    Tuna fishing involves using small hooks, varying in size, due to their powerful appetites and keen sight. Tuna have sharp vision, making them efficient predators. To avoid hook shyness, use a strong wire hook. Tuna's sporting prowess requires a strong wire hook, as even small tuna can heat up the tackle. Quality hooks are crucial for successful tuna fishing.

  • How to Catch Yellowfin Tuna - Fishing Videos

    2021, How to Catch Yellowfin Tuna - Fishing Videos

    Yellowfin tuna fishing is a fascinating subject, with finicky fish and unpredictable behavior. With experience, knowledge and critical thinking can improve your fishing skills. Great tuna fishing can be found in various oceans, and the most consistent approach is chunking, chumming, or live baiting. The choice of bait is crucial, but freshness is essential. Open-mindedness and critical thinking can lead to better outcomes in yellowfin tuna fishing.

  • Yellowfin Tuna Fishing - Getting on Fish

    2021, Yellowfin Tuna Fishing - Getting on Fish

    Yellowfin tuna fishing presents challenges such as finding fish and ensuring they eat. Experience and adapting tactics are key to success. Yellowfin tuna have ferocious, capricious appetites, making it difficult for fishermen to catch them. The best crews know the fish, their locations, and how to eat them, but they still struggle with various baits and lures.

  • Yellowfin Tuna Videos - Catch More

    2020, Yellowfin Tuna Videos - Catch More

    The author, a southeastern US native, started fishing in Louisiana for yellowfin tuna. He grew hooked on the sport and wanted to share his knowledge with others. He developed the idea for In The Spread fishing videos during his time in the Bahamas, aiming to provide hard core instructional content for public consumption.