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Instructor: RJ Boyle

A seminar video from south Florida's top tuna fishermen discusses their success in yellowfin tuna fishing, focusing on the Bahamas waters. The video covers trip planning, weather conditions, tuna schools, baits, tackle, sportfish setups, bird behavior, and various tactics. The information is applicable to any rod and reel tuna fishery.

Description / Review / Instructor

  • Video Source: In The Spread Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Seminar.
  • Expertise: Assembled by RJ Boyle with top tuna fishermen from south Florida.
  • Purpose: Shorten the learning curve for aspiring tuna fishermen.
  • Main Contributors: Mark Hamilton, Triston Hunt, and occasionally Chip Sheehan.
  • Content Focus: Experience-based knowledge for yellowfin tuna fishing, especially in the Bahamas.
  • Key Takeaways: Effective techniques, trip planning, gear recommendations, understanding bird signals, chumming strategies, and the importance of continuous learning.

It is astounding how much heady information is available in this In The Spread Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Seminar video. RJ Boyle assembled a few of south Florida's best tuna fishermen to share experience-based knowledge, so your learning curve doesn't have to be so long. Mark Hamilton, Triston Hunt, and occasionally Chip Sheehan are very tuna savvy. RJ breaks down all the walls with these guys and hits hard with tough questions only seasoned big game fishermen would know to ask. This information will save you time and money and put fish in your boat. There are no secrets here. These guys have caught loads of yellowfin. They have no qualms about giving up everything they know. After all, knowledge is meant to be shared. Even though this video is Bahamas fishing centric, much of the material discussed may be applied to any yellowfin tuna fishery.

The Learning Opportunity of a Lifetime

For most anglers, you only get a couple of shots in your life at a life-changing fish. This is about succeeding with the right tackle and the right info. Take this opportunity to learn some high-level offshore fishing trade craft. The discussion ranges from trip planning to the Bahamas, what to look for from tides, moons and general weather conditions, what birds tell you, live wells, tackle, using lures and ideal baits, how many and what size live baits you need, big and small boat setup, a wide variety of tuna fishing and chumming techniques, plus mind-boggling loads more info on how to catch tuna. After watching this offshore fishing video, you will have an advanced understanding of yellowfin tuna fishing! Knowledge is key to success in this game. Get some now.

Pre-Planning Your Trip

Pre-planning your trip is smart and safe. Think about the best time to go, how much fuel. You can burn a lot of fuel doing this. Can you make the entire run to where the fish are and back without refueling? What is the better moon phase? How does the tide impact the open water and structure bite? Is there a better wind to fish? Does cloud cover impact the fishing? What would make you not go, other than heavy seas? There is a lot going on in this discussion. All of this addressed.

The Million Dollar Calculus: Live Bait or Dead

This is the million-dollar calculus. Are you taking live baits or dead? What kind of bait? Will you be live baiting or dead bait chunking? Should you go without live bait? You will learn about the dead baits these guys use, how much they take and what size. Can you catch them with just chunks? What are the live baits of choice? How are they kept alive? What live well capacities are these guys using? There is a lot of time spent breaking down the bait equation.

Gear Up

Rods, reels, hooks, and line are discussed. There is disparity between how each of these guys gears up, but that's what you learn. There is no right or wrong way. There are a lot of ways to target yellowfin tuna. Some lighter tackle and some heavy outfits are used. See why each option works. Are these fishermen using braided line, mono or fluorocarbon? What combination of lines and connections is preferred? This will all be discussed in detail.

The Crown Jewel

The crown jewel of this In The Spread Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Seminar is the lengthy exchange about birds and what they tell you, how to prospect with lures, using radar to find birds, do you really need radar, bait presentation, chumming strategies, and hooking baits. This is where things get interesting. You will learn volumes more about tuna fishing techniques from this discussion.
Never Stop Learning

After you watch this, watch it again. Take and put this knowledge in your quiver. Go out and be a better smarter yellowfin tuna fisherman. Good luck and never stop learning.

Where is the primary focus of the fishing techniques discussed?

Even though the video is centered around Bahamas fishing, the techniques discussed can be applied to any yellowfin tuna fishery.

What are some of the key topics covered in the seminar?

Topics range from trip planning, understanding tides and weather conditions, gear and bait selection, to advanced fishing techniques and continuous learning.

How can I benefit from watching the video?

The video provides experience-based knowledge that shortens the learning curve for aspiring tuna fishermen. This can save time, money, and increase your chances of success.

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