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Instructor: RJ Boyle

In The Spread fishing video teaches tips and techniques for fishing Bahia Honda in the Florida Keys for tarpon fish. It covers tides, tackle, tarpon bait, current, structure, boat driving, angling techniques, and optimal bait presentation. The video also explores bridge structure, baits, and water color, which are crucial factors in tarpon behavior. The video provides real-life fishing scenarios and explanations, making it an excellent tool for improving tarpon fishing.

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Discover what it takes to conquer the king of the inshore waters with this video. Nothing pulls like a big tarpon, so your tackle and your angling better be in top form. If you want to learn professional level skills to catch big tarpon, this video is your answer. In The Spread goes way outside the box as we analyze every minutiae of tide, tackle, bait, the rig, current, structure, boat driving, handling the fish and so much more.

Tarpon Fishing in Florida

When you think about tarpon and fishing in Florida, the Keys come to mind. Tarpon fishing Florida Keys is legendary. This is where the state record fish was caught and where anglers the world over have traveled to for a shot at a big fish. While fishing for tarpon may seem straightforward, there are several important factors to consider. Questions like:

  • Where to go?
  • When to go?
  • What tide to fish?
  • What is the best bait for tarpon?

All are good things to mull over.

Fishing at Bahia Honda Bridge

For this video, we ventured to the famous Bahia Honda bridge to fish the waters between the old bridge and the one currently in use. We also targeted the bridge supports. Tarpon instinctively use the supports as ambush points to feed on the conveyor belt of bait being pushed out with the outgoing tide or pulled in with the incoming tide. You will see in our diagrams where the fish like to stage and how they will move depending on which way the water is flowing.

Tides and Local Ways

Spring incoming tides are typically not the most ideal tide to fish. However, in our case, we had good intel that the fish were feeding heavily on the incoming tide. When fishing this pass, it's crucial to adhere to the local ways. Our approach was unique, and you'll see in the video why we chose it.

Tarpon Bait Choices

When it comes to tarpon bait, a few choices stand out. Crabs are always a sure bet. We delve into the specifics of hooking them and the differences between male and female crabs, especially in moving water.

Water Color and Tarpon Movements

Learn about water color and how it affects tarpon movements. Understand where fish will congregate based on the water's clarity. The behavior is more related to sharks than anything else.

Seasonal Movements

The part of the season you're in also influences where tarpon will set up. The reason they move into the Bahia Honda area is driven by the spring worm hatch. This is a prime time to catch a big Megalops atlanticus.

Angling Techniques

We'll show you techniques that will help shorten the battle and get the fish to the boat. Remember, it's more of a marathon than a sprint with these strong fish.

Tarpon Fishing Tackle

Your tackle better be up to the test. We'll discuss ideal rod size, action, braid, monofilament, fluorocarbon, hooks, and more. Especially, how to hook live crabs, which are the best bait.

After watching this video, you'll be a much better tarpon fisherman, equipped to fish the Bahia Honda tarpon fishery on your own. Take what we share in this In The Spread fishing video and go catch that fish of a lifetime. Remember, never stop learning.

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