Tuna Fishing - Topwater Lures for Yellowfin with Seth

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Instructor: Seth Hartwick

Seth Hartwick, a global fishing expert, shares his experience in yellowfin tuna fishing using topwater lures like poppers and stickbaits. He shares tips for using various tackle, including tuna hooks, split rings, swivels, leader types, materials, and angling techniques. He emphasizes the importance of build quality in selecting the right lure for different sea conditions.

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  • Subject: Topwater lures for yellowfin tuna and related tackle.
  • Evolution: A refined style of fishing has emerged.
  • Expert: Seth Hartwick, a renowned collector and tester of tuna lures.
  • Key Insights: Best lures, angling techniques, lure quality, build cost-effectiveness, sea conditions, and lure placement.
  • Additional Info: Recommendations on rods, reels, and essential tackle.

The world of topwater lures for yellowfin tuna and the related tackle has witnessed the evolution of a finely tuned style of fishing. The wide assortment of poppers and stickbaits vary in size, quality, and price. But how does one discern what's worth adding to their arsenal? Seth Hartwick, a tackle diva and extraordinary collector of tuna lures, has done the hard work for you.

Seth Hartwick: The Tuna Tackle Diva

Seth Hartwick is a source of tuna fishing knowledge that borders on the extreme. He has traveled around the world, targeting yellowfin tuna in just about every sport fishing destination. He has tested every imaginable offering and is here to share what he has learned.

The Best Lures, Techniques, and More

In this topwater lures for yellowfin tuna fishing video, Seth covers the different types of lures that work best, the sizes he prefers, color patterns, terminal tackle and rigging components, angling techniques, and more. If you're interested in casting surface lures, this fishing video is a brilliant learning tool.

When to Use Topwater Lures

When yellowfin tuna are feeding on the top, trapping and smashing baits, the opportunity to cast topwater lures and hook up with big fish is never more prevalent. Surface poppers, diving poppers, and stickbaits are outstanding presentations when fish are active near the surface.

The Importance of Quality

The first thing to consider is the build quality of the topwater lures you buy. Yellowfin tuna are tier 1 predators. They will destroy inferior lures and tackle. Seth goes through the tuna hooks he finds work well, what split rings and ball bearing swivels he likes, and most critically why he uses them.

Build Quality vs. Cost

When it comes to the build quality of the topwater lures you decide to use for yellowfin tuna fishing, it's not necessarily about how much they cost but about how well the lure will hold up to the punishment the fish will inflict upon it. There are plenty of great topwater lures available at really good price points, made by excellent companies. You just need to know where to start.

Sea Conditions and Lure Choice

Another real consideration when deciding what type of topwater lures to use for tuna is sea conditions. Bigger waves mean you will probably need to use a sinking stickbait. If your lure is not swimming in the water, but rather skipping on the surface, you will not get bites.

Lure Placement

Understanding lure placement in the tuna boil will help keep your losses to a minimum. There is no doubt that if you target yellowfin tuna with surface lures, you will lose lures to cut-offs.

Rods and Reels

Even though this is a topwater lure video, Seth goes to great lengths to cover the rods and reels he uses. His choices may be a little further up the ladder, in terms of price, but he does give some great options for those on a more middle-of-the-road budget.

In conclusion, Seth Hartwick's insights into the world of topwater lures for yellowfin tuna are invaluable for any angler looking to improve their game. From lure selection to angling techniques, Seth's knowledge is a treasure trove for any fishing enthusiast.


Q: Who is Seth Hartwick?
A: Seth Hartwick is a recognized expert and collector of tuna lures, with extensive experience fishing for yellowfin tuna worldwide.

Q: When is the best time to use topwater lures for yellowfin tuna?
A: When yellowfin tuna are actively feeding on the surface, it's the ideal time to use topwater lures.

Q: How important is the quality of the lures?
A: Extremely important. Yellowfin tuna can easily destroy inferior lures and tackle, so it's essential to invest in high-quality equipment.

Q: Does a higher price always mean better quality?
A: Not necessarily. The key is to find lures that can withstand the punishment from the fish, regardless of their price point.

Q: How do sea conditions affect lure choice?
A: In rougher seas with bigger waves, sinking stickbaits might be more effective. The lure should swim in the water, not skip on its surface.

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Seth Hartwick

Seth Hartwick is a topwater fishing enthusiast, traveling worldwide to catch GTs and Tuna using big poppers and stickbaits. He values the natural state of the ocean and far off reefs, and has made over 83 overseas trips. Seth has shared adventures with his dad and works as a journeyman lineman for a power company in SE Michigan.

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