Big Game Fishing Crimps Crimpers and Crimping Techniques

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Rig right to get tight in offshore fishing, as subpar rigs can fail at critical moments. South Florida fishing legend RJ Boyle discusses crimps, crimping tools, and techniques, focusing on proper rigging and monofilament placement. He dissects variables and analyzes crimping tools, ensuring a sound fishing program.

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The In The Spread Crimps, Crimpers and Crimping Techniques video teaches you everything about ensuring your crimps or sleeves never fail. If done correctly, your line will fail before the crimp every single time. Dive deep into the world of crimping with RJ Boyle. He's an expert who tests the limits of terminal tackle while chasing big game like giant bluefin, grander marlin, and swordfish. Not only that, but he also does extensive rigging for sailfish, wahoo, and other tournament fishermen. RJ's knowledge is vast, and his rigs are top-notch, thanks to his meticulous nature when it comes to tackle.

In this instructional fishing video, you'll discover:

  • Various crimping tools and their differences.
  • The right crimping technique to guarantee success.

The Crimping Dilemma

The problem with crimp tools and crimping is the uncertainty. With so many sizes of monofilament and multiple holes on a crimper, how can you be sure you're crimping correctly? Unless you have a line breaking machine, you'll never truly know the breaking strength of your rigs.

Some might calibrate their tools to ensure near-perfect results. However, most anglers simply try to match the crimp size to the "appropriate" hole on the crimp tool, which is a risky game of chance.

Deep Dive into Crimping

Learn about:

  • Different crimpers, crimps, wall sizes, and materials.
  • How to choose the right crimps and the correct crimping tool.

Remember, different brand lines have varying thicknesses for a given line class. Always know your line diameter before purchasing crimps. Select the line that suits you and pair it with the right sleeve size.

Crimpers: Sizes and Uses

Crimpers come in various sizes:

  • Big game variety: For lines 300 lb and up.
  • Smaller hand-sized: For lines 300 lbs and below.

Discover how to:

  • Select the right tool.
  • Master crimping techniques.
  • Adjust and maintain your tools.

Crimps: Types and Quality

RJ will delve into:

  • Different crimp types and shapes.
  • Which crimps to use for mono and which for cable or wire.
  • Sleeve length, wall thickness, and material choices for mono or wire.

With numerous manufacturers, how can you identify the best quality crimps? We'll guide you through some of the top manufacturers.

Rigging Techniques for Success

Avoid critical failures when you're hooked to a big catch. Learn:

  • How to position the sleeve in the tool.
  • The right compression technique for crimping.

With our close-up shots, witness the difference between the right and wrong methods. Your rigs should always be crimped to win.

Our demonstrations and explanations aim to give you confidence in rigging your tackle. At In The Spread, our goal is to help you achieve your fishing dreams. Equip yourself with knowledge and never stop learning.

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