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Jul 13, 2021

Fishing Videos | Learn Better Tactics and Techniques

When I was a child, there were no fishing videos to learn from. There were no videos at all. My God, how did I ever learn about the water and the woods? Well, fortunately for me, I grew up around water and had the great fortune of being taught how to fish and hunt by a backwoods trapper in the Ozarks of southern Missouri, where my grandparents lived. My dad was also from Louisiana and he loved taking me fishing in the Mississippi Delta. So I knew about freshwater and saltwater fishing from a very young age. Having very smart folks take me fishing took the place of fishing videos. I got to watch and learn in person. In today's world, things have evolved to where anyone had access to great fishing minds via the internet and informative educational fishing videos. You can learn just about any fishing tactic or technique you desire, from some of the better fishermen in the world, on the internet.

I love fishing, all types of fishing. I am happy going after everything from bluegill to blue marlin. My favorite species are marlin, giant trevally (GT's) and muskie. I can say with confidence that I am pretty good at fishing for these gamefish. I say this not to be a braggart, but because I have had the pleasure of spending a great deal of time on the water fishing and learning from some very savvy fishermen. Being able to spend countless days fishing with folks like this really accelerated my learning curve. In due course and because each of those guys happen to be outstanding teachers of fishing, I made fishing videos with them, so you too could learn.

With the internet and especially providing access to so many outstanding fishing experts, you have to opportunity to better your skillset(s). The inner web affords the opportunity to learn skills that you otherwise might not learn, because really smart and talented fishing folks have made their knowledge available thru fishing videos. Sure you have to fish to be good, but you can learn a heck of a lot by watching and listening to highly skilled and highly articulate fishermen and then put in to practice what you have learned.

When you think about it, no matter your pursuit, preparedness starts in the mind. You need to acquire basic skills and then work you way up the learning curve, getting better and better the more you apply what you have learned. It also helps to take in a variety of perspectives. When you challenge your own conventional thinking, you become a wiser fishermen. No one person has it all figured out. There is always room to grow and improve.

What I have always tried to do with In The Spread fishing videos is offer a breadth of perspectives. By providing you access to great fishing minds, you won't have to spend lots of time and money to acquire insights and understanding related to a veritable cornucopia of fishing methods. This way you can pick up a little bit of knowledge from a host of super accomplished fishermen, who are not afraid to share everything they know. By presenting tactics and techniques, used by a diverse group of fishermen, for catching specific species, you have more to mull over. You tend to pick up different practices from each of our instructors. Thus, ending up with a more well rounded base of knowledge to draw from when you head out on the water to try things out.

Our goal with our fishing videos is to Teach, Articulate and Share fishing knowledge. By doing this we want to help you learn new tactics or improve upon the ones you have. You never know everything, even though some seem to think they do, so keep learning.

One of the biggest factors in fishing success is confidence. Confidence comes from having a solid understanding of what you are doing. You usually achieve a feeling of being proficient at something by repetitively doing it. This is particularly so with knots and rigs. Although certain types of fishing require the mastery of specific skills. As they say, practice puts you closer to perfection. If you have spent any time at all watching our fishing videos, then you know the fishermen we work with have plenty of confidence in what they are doing.

The fishermen we feature in our fishing videos possess operational and knowledge capital built from experience, know-how about the best ways to get certain things done. That capital has been developed over decades. Our mantra is to explain it, show it and do that over and over, so you have multiple examples and a variety of perspectives.

Never stop learning.

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Seth Horne


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