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July 07, 2022
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In The Spread offers a collection of yellowfin tuna fishing videos, providing a first-person experience and curated knowledge from top big game fishermen. These videos cover species behavior, tackle, techniques, and tactics, allowing users to make better decisions on the water. By understanding species behavior, understanding tackle setups, and making smart bait and lure choices, they help catch yellowfin tuna effectively.

Catching Yellowfin Tuna Requires Smarts

Yellowfin tuna can be both easy to catch and down right frustrating. Fine tuning your fishing program or knowing how to get started has never been easier than with the collection of yellowfin tuna fishing videos compiled by In The Spread.

It has always been our mission to create fishing videos that offer a first person experience, as much as possible, where it feels like you are on a boat or in a tackle shop with your own personal guide. We have dedicated this platform to curating knowledge and sharing it with you in an educational format. I can promise you that we are never satisfied with how much we know. In that vein, we will not stop gathering more information, more perspective or exclusively working with the very best fishermen, so you can get right to what helps catch more fish.

Today's digital world provides us the ability to offer you access to an incredible knowledge transfer. When it gets down to how to catch yellowfin tuna, we have worked with some of the very best fishermen in the Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico to bring you a robust collection of educational fishing videos.

By design, you can expect nothing less from In The Spread fishing videos than a comprehensive breakdown of species behavior, tackle, techniques and tactics from a variety of top big game fishermen. This way you get multiple perspectives. We come at how to catch yellowfin tuna from from as many angles as possible. We do this because everyone learns differently. The more information you have, the more success you should enjoy.

Since a yellowfin tuna is a fast moving schooling marauder with finicky tendencies, you really need to formulate sound fundamentals, if you want to selectively target them. Our fishing videos can help you make better on the water decisions by increasing your situational awareness, gain insights into the species behavior, understand tackle setups, make smart bait and lure choices and get the most out of bait and lure performance.

Tuna, of all species, have aggressive feeding habits. This should make them easy to catch, and it can, but, there are considerations. Patience are indeed a virtue in this game. First, you have to locate the fish, then you have to earn and keep their attention. To locate fish, you have to develop an understanding of their food choices. What are the prevailing seasonal baits or other aggregating influencers. Tuna will not be far from food. They need to eat on a very regular basis. Bait will typically hold to structure, of some kind. It is critical to learn the make-up of your fishery. Is their physical structure, static structure like oil platforms or wrecks, dynamic structure like drill ships or trawl boats that attract fish in your particular fishery?

With a solid grasp of where fish may be, your next decision is how do you want to target them. Are you into baits or lures? Which is better? This is all preference. Either way, you need to know what offering to take and how much you will need. The baits you use come down to what's available to buy or catch. If you are going with live bait, is your live well system up to the task of keeping them alive? Do you intend to chunk or chum? You can do this with live bait and dead bait or a combination. There is a lot to think about. If you are a lure guy, you need to have a range of lure types, sizes and rig qualities. Lure fishing for tuna is an incredible challenge.

Tuna fishing does not have to be complicated. It can be, but doesn't have to be. You need to be patient and know how to read signs of activity. Once you acquire an ample degree of knowledge, it all begins to distill. You develop a system and perfect it. In The Spread gives you an edge, when it comes to the know how. Our yellowfin tuna fishing videos will help you learn a heck of a lot about tactics for live bait, dead bait and lures.

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