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June 08, 2021
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Fishing videos can be either entertaining or educational, depending on the viewer's preference. Educational videos aim to provide valuable information, helping viewers become smarter fishers. In The Spread Fishing Videos, the focus is on understanding fish behavior, presentation styles, rigs, and environmental conditions. The videos focus on targeting specific species and making the best presentation possible, regardless of location or location.

The world of fishing videos is sort of delineated along two diverging paths. One path leads you to a format where you watch some dude or a cute girl in a bikini catch fish. This can be fun for a minute, but there is very little value added here. The other path, the more rewarding path, leads you on a journey of discovery where you are presented with valuable information that helps you become a smarter fisherman. They are really different paths.

Do you want to just want to watch some joker haul in fish or do you want to engage with a strong desire to learn more about catching your own fish? It all comes down to whether you want to be a spectator or a participant. Fishing videos that take you down a path to knowledge are far more beneficial to your long term success on the water. No matter how much you know, there is always room for learning.

When it comes to subscription based educational fishing videos, the calculus is based on information quality. My goal with In The Spread Fishing Videos has always been to provide the very best information, with no bullshit. From the time I was baiting my own hook, I wanted to know more. My thirst to learn continues to grow. It doesn't matter how well known a fishermen is or if they live in absolute anonymity, if the person has something of value to share, I want to fish with them and learn what they know. It obviously helps to work with fishermen that are willing to share everything and not hold anything back.

If you are familiar with our fishing videos, then you know that we rarely, if ever, talk specific spots or give away locations. That is irrelevant. What any fishermen needs to know is how fish behave, what triggers them to bite, presentation styles, rigs, how to deal with ever changing environmental conditions, what to do when fish are not biting and what to do when they are. It is simple. Plus, if you fish on a completely different body of water, who cares about a guys secret spot. What you want to know is best strategies for how to target a given species. The same species of fish all over the world respond in very similar ways. So, what you need to know is how to make the best presentation possible and what to do when that bite comes.

Sourcing high quality fishing videos with an intent to learn more can be trying. There is so much nonsense out there. Why spend half a day searching, when you can get right to learning. That is what In The Spread offers. Convenience, experience and the deep knowledge that comes with it. Our team is has run through hundreds of scenarios. Our goal is to help expand your point of view and situational awareness.

Do you like to learn and use new tactics. If you want to grow and be more well rounded, you need to expose yourself to new ideas. By seeking knowledge, you evolve. By stepping outside of your comfort zone and failing a few times, you learn. Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” If you are failing, you aren't trying.

One thing you can count on with In The Spread fishing videos is that we are going to go the extra mile, so you have access to some of the best fishing minds in the world. For our team and all the fishermen we work with, teaching and sharing is for the greater good. If we can show you one thing that helps you catch more, we have succeeded. If we can show you a lot of things, well, that is the icing.

In our success, in our everyday, we often forget that there are people who struggle with what to us seems simple. Fishing is not so simple for some folks, especially when you get into more advanced fishing techniques. But damn, even trying to catch bream presents challenges for some. It all comes down to confidence. The more you know, the more comfortable you are on the water. How often have you stood by and watched someone struggle while fishing or listened to a conversation where someone opens up about their fishing difficulties and taken no action. No action to help, provide guidance or extend a hand. That is foreign to us.

I understand how easy it is to get lost in our own world's and consciously or unconsciously walk around the lesser experienced or the fisherman that can't seem to figure it out. It takes nothing to offer a helping hand. Pass on what you know. That is a guiding principle with our fishing videos. Teach and share so that others can grow.

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