The Genesis of In The Spread

January 01, 2019
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In The Spread is a sport fishing TV concept founded by a passionate founder who initially focused on high-performance automotive aftermarket instructional videos. With over 150 in-depth videos on saltwater and freshwater fishing, the company aims to create the most comprehensive instructional fishing video collection globally, collaborating with top-tier fishermen for quality content.


  • Inception of the idea while trying to create automotive videos.
  • Inspiration from a friend to develop a sport fishing TV concept.
  • Early fishing experiences from childhood in Missouri and Louisiana.
  • Travels to various fishing destinations, including Hawaii, Bahamas, and Costa Rica.
  • Meeting with George Achi, the co-owner of the platform since 2003.
  • Realization of the potential of instructional fishing videos.
  • Growth of the brand from "Sport Fishing Safari" to "In The Spread".
  • Roddy Hays' crucial role in refining the vision and filming the first video.
  • The current extensive collection of over 150 instructional videos.
  • A focus on working with the best fishermen for high-quality content.

In The Spread: The Origin

When I reflect on the evolution of In The Spread, it's predominantly a tale of knowledge transfer. My innate desire to understand and master unfamiliar domains was the driving force behind its creation. Initially, my efforts were directed towards making instructional videos for the high-performance automotive aftermarket. However, due to the lack of commitment from my initial team, this venture did not sustain. This setback led me to relocate to Miami, where a challenge from a close friend set me on the path to revolutionize sport fishing television. The existing shows, which followed a redundant "watch me catch fish" format, seemed lackluster. Having never ventured into producing a fishing show before, I felt confident that I could bring something fresh to the table.

Fishing Roots

My passion for fishing traces back to my childhood days on my grandfather's ranch in Missouri. With abundant rivers, ponds, and creeks, I was introduced to bass, drum, and catfish fishing. My love for the sport deepened during a trip to Louisiana with my father. We explored waters around various locations, catching a diverse range of fish species. The culture and vibe of Louisiana, being my parental homeland, always felt like home.

During my formative years, I expanded my fishing horizons by exploring lakes in Georgia, traversing Florida, and even venturing into Canada. As I matured, my passion led me to Hawaii, where I was overwhelmed by the wonders of the marine world.

The Birth of an Idea

Returning to Miami, my quest for knowledge and passion for fishing merged. I began filming in the Bahamas without a clear direction. My curiosity kept me going, even though I was unfamiliar with editing. It was in Miami that I crossed paths with George Achi, who played an instrumental role in shaping my raw footage into marketable products. He has been an irreplaceable business partner since 2003.

My eureka moment came after filming lure rigging videos in Costa Rica. Posting them on the Marlin Magazine website, I realized the immense potential in instructional fishing videos. This realization fueled regular trips to Costa Rica and Madeira, where In The Spread began taking shape, initially as "Sport Fishing Safari".

Evolution and Growth

Roddy Hays, a long-time friend, played a pivotal role in refining the vision of In The Spread. Our collaboration began with a lure rigging video, which set the stage for several more. As of January 1, 2019, we proudly host over 150 in-depth videos on both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Our mission is to create the most comprehensive instructional fishing video collection globally. We collaborate with top-tier fishermen to ensure top-notch content quality.

Looking Ahead

We remain dedicated to continuously expanding our content base. As we step into the new year, we are excited to roll out an array of new videos. Your unwavering support has been invaluable. For any queries or feedback, feel free to reach out directly at in the (without spaces).

What was the initial vision for In The Spread?

The idea began as a challenge to revolutionize sport fishing television, moving away from the repetitive content prevalent at the time.

How did Roddy Hays contribute to In The Spread?

Roddy helped refine the vision for In The Spread and was pivotal in filming the first instructional video.

How many instructional videos does In The Spread currently have?

As of January 1, 2019, there are over 150 in-depth saltwater and freshwater videos.

Who are some of the top fishermen collaborating with In The Spread?

We work with elite fishermen like Capt. William Toney, Capt. Chad Bryson, Kevin Hibbard and Cory Allen, among others.

How can viewers contact In The Spread?

For any queries or feedback, viewers can directly email us at

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