Open Water Muskie Fishing with Cory Allen

October 02, 2018
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Open water muskie fishing can be challenging, but expert Cory Allen teaches how to approach it. Fish are usually at geo intersect points, orienting themselves off topographical features. Learn to recognize and target suspended fish, using lures like safety pin spinner, barbarian, and swim bait, and cover areas effectively in the In The Spread video.

Summary Table

  • Open Water Environment: Understanding the seemingly boundless and featureless open water as a strategic habitat for muskie.
  • Topographical Features: Recognizing and leveraging underwater structures and geographical intersections as prime muskie locations.
  • Fish Behavior and Suspension: Comprehending the reasons behind muskie suspension in open water and how to capitalize on this behavior.
  • Cory Allen’s Lure Selection: Insight into the effectiveness of the safety pin spinnerbait, barbarian, and swimbait in attracting muskies.
  • Strategic Angling Techniques: Cory Allen's systematic approach to varying retrieval speeds, depths, and patterns to locate and attract muskies.

Muskie fishing in open waters stands as a formidable challenge, even to the seasoned angler. However, under the guidance of expert Cory Allen, this seemingly daunting venture transforms into a strategic and fulfilling pursuit. This article delves deep into the nuances of open water muskie fishing, unveiling the tactics, tools, and insights necessary to master this art.

Fishing Open Water

The realm of open water muskie fishing, as narrated by the esteemed Cory Allen, offers an immersive journey into the depths of large lakes and reservoirs. Far from the comfort of familiar shorelines and weedy beds, this adventure requires a blend of skill, strategy, and understanding of the elusive muskellunge, commonly known as muskie.

In the vast expanse of open water, one might presume it to be a barren seascape. Yet, for those like Cory Allen, it's a vibrant underwater world, marked by strategic geographic points and converging topographical features. These are the domains where muskies reign, using areas such as drop-offs meeting feeding flats or merging currents as their hunting grounds. Here, they lie in wait, ready to ambush unsuspecting baitfish.

Grasping the nuances of these underwater landscapes is paramount. Tools such as down imaging and GPS mapping become invaluable, revealing the contours and depth changes that often escape the naked eye. It's in these hidden details that muskies thrive, and understanding them is the first step in mastering the art of muskie fishing in open water.

Muskie Behavior

But the muskie, known for its elusive nature, demands more than just knowledge of the terrain. Understanding its behavior, particularly the patterns of suspension in open water, is crucial. Muskies are not randomly scattered in the depths; they relate to unseen structures, following schools of baitfish, or responding to the subtle changes in water temperature and seasonal shifts. Recognizing these patterns and the typical depths at which muskies suspend can significantly tilt the odds in an angler's favor.

Cory Allen's Trolling Arsenal

Cory Allen's arsenal is meticulously chosen, each lure serving a distinct purpose. The safety pin spinnerbait, with its vibrant vibration and flash, is a siren's call to muskies, drawing them from afar. Its design allows for versatile coverage across various depths, making it a stalwart companion in the open waters. The barbarian, likely a robust lure designed to withstand the muskie's powerful bite, is perfect for probing the deeper realms where the larger muskies lurk. Then there's the swimbait, an epitome of deception, mimicking the very fish muskies prey upon. Its realistic appearance and movement make it an irresistible target in the vast open waters.

But even with the best tools at hand, success in muskie fishing isn't about chance. It's about strategy. Cory Allen emphasizes a methodical approach, not just casting into the blue but strategically covering areas, varying retrieval speeds, and alternating depths and patterns. It's a dance, a game of intellect and intuition, played between the angler and the muskie.

Develop a Strategy

Open water muskie fishing, as taught by Cory Allen, is far from a mere cast into the abyss. It's a thoughtful, strategic endeavor, blending knowledge of the environment, understanding of the quarry, and the artful use of lures. For those willing to embark on this journey, it's not just about the fish; it's about the thrill of the chase, the interplay of skill and nature, and the ultimate triumph of angler over the elusive muskie.

In the grand tapestry of angling, muskie fishing in open waters stands as a testament to the sport's depth and complexity. With each cast, the angler delves deeper into this rich world, guided by the insights of Cory Allen, and emerges not just with a catch, but with stories, experiences, and a profound connection with the natural world.

For the avid angler seeking to conquer the open waters and the elusive muskie, the journey with Cory Allen is more than a fishing trip; it's a masterclass in strategy, patience, and respect for the aquatic world. It's here, in the boundless open waters, that the true essence of muskie fishing is discovered and cherished.

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