Open Water Muskie Fishing with Cory Allen

October 02, 2018
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Open water muskie fishing can be challenging, but expert Cory Allen teaches how to approach it. Fish are usually at geo intersect points, orienting themselves off topographical features. Learn to recognize and target suspended fish, using lures like safety pin spinner, barbarian, and swim bait, and cover areas effectively in the In The Spread video.

Open water muskie fishing can present challenges, but it does not have to. Let musky expert Cory Allen systematically explain demonstrate to you how to approach muskie fishing in “open water”. What is open water fishing, anyway? To fish there is no open water. Fish are not out in the middle of nowhere. They are usually at some type of geo intersect point. They always orient themselves off some topographical feature. Learn how to recognize and break down those features, why fish suspend, where they suspend, how to target suspended fish and what lures are really useful for this type of fishing. See how Cory utilizes a safety pin spinner bait, a barbarian and a swim bait. Learn ways to effectively cover areas of “open water” with this In The Spread video.

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