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Nov 15, 2019

Fishing Videos from In The Spread

Fishing Videos

What are you after when you search for or watch fishing videos? Is it gratuitous action where some fisherman hammers out big fish, bow babes holding fish that someone else caught, hot chick in the skimpiest bikini imaginable catching fish or are we interesting in learning new fishing skills? All serve a purpose. But, in the end, there is not much added value in watching someone else catch fish. What most of us are after is knowledge. Learning is what keeps us relevant. We want fishing videos that will help us learn new fishing techniques. There is just no substitute for high level knowledge. Nobody wants a half whit showing them how to fish. We want to learn from the best. I am talking about individuals that excel on the water year in and year out in all kinds of conditions. You gain the most when you have access to the very best minds. At In The Spread, our focus is distributing fishing videos that empower you with fishing knowledge. We want you in a position to take full advantage of the opportunity to catch that fish of a lifetime when it presents itself.

Fishing Knowledge

In the world of fishing videos, the real consideration is do you want to be entertained with gratuitous action for a few minutes or do you want access to some of the best fishermen in the world explaining in full detail what, why and how they do what they do? Any fisherman that wants to be successful should be seeking knowledge. Self-growth is key to thriving. Without it, you stagnate, your fishing skills diminish, relative to advances made by others who capitalize on the use of new tackle or cutting edge techniques.

Think about this. It doesn't matter what you fish for, there are a few fishermen that always seem to catch nice fish. The difference with them is they pursue fishing with an open mind. They are not satisfied with what they currently know. They too are looking to other great fishermen for information. Not everybody has the ability to mingle with the upper echelon of sport fishing greats or book multiple days with the best captains or guides to learn firsthand. Fishing videos fill the void for many as their source for knowledge.


Given the volume of fishing videos available online, quality is the difference maker. What do I mean by quality, with regard to instructional fishing videos? It really comes down to how useful the information is in application. That is the mot important aspect of quality. There are a lot of “camera people” our there that can capture great imagery. It's not about the cinematography, it's about the information. The quality comes from how god the subject matter is and how well it is delivered. Just because a person is a great fisherman doesn't mean they can explain what they do well. Being able to articulate the finer points of how to target a species is an art. When you really understand something and can engage both the novice and the pro with your presentation, you are a good teacher. That is what I mean by quality.

At In The Spread, we cherry pick our instructors. Our criteria is simple. The fishermen we work with must be extraordinarily successful in their fishing, be damn smart and open to sharing everything they know. We look for fishermen with depth of knowledge, gained from spending countless days studying the water, atmospheric conditions, the bite, presentations, tackle and techniques. Each instructor must possess the unique ability to explain every facet of how they run their program, in a way that appeals to both novice and professional. Each of our team members knows the ecosystem and how it drives fish behavior. These are thinking fishermen.


Time is money, as the adage goes. How much time do you want to invest combing the web for good quality fishing videos that teach what you want to learn? Wouldn't it be easier to have one stop shop, a library of sorts, where a large collection of fishing videos for both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing reside? What value would you put on that? How much is your time worth?

Learning is hard. It takes time. In The Spread streamlines the process by having a repository of high quality fishing videos available for your access. Not having to waste time searching for really good information related to the type of fishing you are interested in is a savings. Not only will you save time, you will also save money by learning when, where and how to catch fish.

In The Spread Fishing Videos

In The Spread fishing videos are your gateway to ongoing education without ever having to leave your home or office. Learn before you go. Save time. Save money. Our custom curated instructional fishing videos feature offshore fishing, inshore fishing and freshwater fishing experts from around the world. They may not fish for a given species the way fishermen in your area do, but by drawing from their successes you can become a more well rounded angler. It is nothing but good to learn new fishing techniques from pros in places other than the one in which you live.

Learning opportunities afforded by our fishing videos range from interviews with respected pros, teaching seminars, on the water demonstrations or tackle shop discussions. Everything we do is geared toward giving you the information you need to catch more fish. Expand your mind and fish smarter.

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