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Instructor: RJ Boyle

This video explains the benefits of using a simple wahoo trolling spread for high-speed fishing. Overcomplicating the setup can lead to tangling lines and idle time. It covers setting up a clean and efficient spread for both small and big boats, with three rod spreads for small boats and four rod spreads for big boats. As experience increases, understanding your boat and fishing limitations can help you catch more fish.

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Running the right wahoo trolling spread for high-speed fishing shouldn't be complicated, but many fishermen find it challenging. The key is to keep it simple. Understand your boat and optimize your fishing time with a productive spread. The major downside of wahoo fishing? Tangles. If your spread isn't set up right, you'll end up in knots during turns.

What is a Wahoo Trolling Spread?

It's the arrangement of your lures behind the boat and how you deploy your baits. Typically, you'll have:

  •     A long lure setup
  •     A short lure setup

They should be staggered to prevent line tangling.

Video Highlights

In the discussed video, both small boat center consoles and big tower boats with outriggers are covered:

  •     Small Boats: Three lines are sufficient for catching multiple fish.
  •     Big Boats: Four or five lines are ideal. Want to run more? Go for it! But remember, simplicity can be key.

    Note: More lines mean more chances for tangling. A basic wahoo trolling spread will get you bites. You don't need numerous lines to catch multiple fish. Efficiency is key. A two to three rod trolling spread is all you need.


  •     Center Consoles: It's best to fish with three rods. Run two deep or shorter and one long, down the center. This setup minimizes tangles.
  •     Big Boats: With more width, you can spread out your lines. Consider two short or deep lures, two long lures, and perhaps a shotgun lure way back.

As you gain more experience in wahoo fishing, you can confidently run more lines, staying active and not idle. Understanding your boat is crucial. There's no need to overcomplicate things. A clean, efficient wahoo trolling spread will yield results. Dive deeper to learn more!

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