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  • captain shawn rotella with his custom wahoo bullets

    2024, Wahoo Fishing Lures and Rigging Concepts - Shawn Rotella

    Dive into the thrilling world of custom wahoo fishing lures with Captain Shawn Rotella. Gain exclusive insights into crafting lures, advanced rigging methods, and effective trolling strategies. Unlock the secrets to landing these formidable predators from a master angler, all in this comprehensive video.

  • rigged wahoo bullets from Shawn Rotella

    2023, Rigging Bullet Lures for Wahoo Fish

    Dive into the adrenaline-pumped world of wahoo fishing with Arthur Bjontegard's insider techniques. Master the art of rigging bullet lures and optimize your high-speed trolling for game-changing catches. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, this guide unveils the keys to landing the elusive wahoo.

  • high speed trolling wahoo rigs and terminal tackle video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Rig and Terminal Tackle for High Speed Trolling

    RJ Boyle and Shawn Olds discuss the wahoo rig and terminal tackle used for high-speed trolling, covering various aspects such as wire, mono, and braid. They also discuss the importance of stretch at strike, swivel types, and lead weights. The video also discusses shock cords, wire versus cable, hooks, skirts, and lure choices, with the goal of increasing catches. The insights provided are informative and will help anglers improve their techniques.

  • lure rigging for high speed trolling wahoo video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Rigging Lures for High Speed Trolling

    Rick Redeker, a renowned big game fishing pro, demonstrates unconventional wahoo trolling lure rigging techniques in a video. This powerful learning tool showcases his unique system, which weeds through smaller fish to focus on catching big wahoo. The video covers tools, tackle, and lures used for rigging wahoo lures, with a heavier setup for better results. This resource is ideal for learning high-speed trolling techniques and catching big wahoo.

  • setting the spread high speed trolling wahoo video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Lure Spread for High Speed Trolling

    High speed trolling is the top method for wahoo fishing in the Bahamas and surrounding islands. The best fishermen have their systems in place, paying close attention to details. Corey Burlew, a lifelong fisherman, shares his knowledge on wahoo trolling, tackle preferences, tuning, angling tips, and boat driving for easier gaff shots.

  • High Speed Trolling for Wahoo

    2018, Wahoo - High Speed Trolling with RJ Boyle

    Discover the art and science of targeting wahoo with "In The Spread HIGH SPEED WAHOO TROLLING." This 2.5-hour video features Bahamas fishing experts revealing key trolling tactics, rigging essentials, and more. Elevate your wahoo fishing game with in-depth insights on tides, center console setups, and post-bite strategies.

  • wahoo fish caught by Reubin Payne in Hawaii with In The Spread

    2023, How to Catch Wahoo – Start with Knowledge

    Wahoo fishing is a popular activity for sport fishermen due to its speed and power. In The Spread offers educational videos on wahoo fishing, providing knowledge and tools for successful experiences. Effective baits for wahoo include live baits, trolled lures, and cut baits. In The Spread provides resources for both experienced and new anglers.

  • Wahoo Fishing  Ultimate Guide

    2023, Wahoo - Smarter Fishing Made Easy

    Wahoo are marine fish, found in tropical and subtropical waters, known for their fast swimming speed and agile maneuverability. They are long, slender, and have a distinctive blue-green coloration. Wahoo are popular game fish and food fish, with high-quality, tasty flesh. Knowledge-driven Wahoo fishing videos provide tools to level up skills, including tactics, tackle, line, leader material, rods, reels, and rigs.

  • Wahoo Baits

    2022, Wahoo Baits

    Wahoo baits are crucial for successful fishing, as they are often found in shallow water under bonito and other fish. To locate wahoo baits, use electronics like a fish finder and be aware of their feeding habits. Bait schools typically hang on up-current sides of structures, and sounders can help locate them. However, wahoo bites can occur during specific periods, such as tides and moon phases.

  • Wahoo Fishing Lures for Trolling

    2022, Wahoo Fishing Lures for Trolling

    Wahoo fishing involves various techniques like trolling and baiting, but the best lure depends on conditions, structure, and water column holding. Wahoo behavior is influenced by structures, water temperature, and color. Understanding wahoo behavior and choosing the right lures helps increase success on the water.

  • Featured
    Wahoo Fish - The valued Game Fish and Best sports Fish

    2021, Wahoo Fish - The valued Game Fish and Best sports Fish

    Wahoo, also known as Pacific kingfish, is a popular offshore fish with a dark blue green back, large mouth, and razor-sharp teeth. It weighs 79-84 kg and can swim at 60 mph. Wahoo fish have unique features like shorter teeth and skin covering the mandible. High-power reels, speedos, and Goggle-eyes are essential for wahoo fishing.

  • Rigging Trolling Lures - Start With Quality Lure Heads

    2021, Rigging Trolling Lures - Start With Quality Lure Heads

    Rigging trolling lures has fascinated fishermen for centuries. There are various techniques and components, and there is no one true way to rig them. Videos on offshore trolling lures feature top professionals sharing their methods and thoughts. There are many lure sizes and shapes available for various species, and it's important to experiment and make adjustments as you learn.

  • Featured
    Slow Trolling Wahoo - A Lethal Tactic

    2021, Slow Trolling Wahoo - A Lethal Tactic

    Wahoo fishing is a popular method for targeting this fast pelagic predator. Factors to consider include location, fuel budget, and opportunities for catching other species. High speed trolling is more popular, while slow trolling is more deliberate and labor-intensive. Both methods use similar tackle, but the mechanics and technique vary.

  • Saltwater Fishing Videos - Offshore Tactics and Techniques

    2020, Offshore Fishing Videos - Learn Something New

    Offshore fishing videos are not just for watching fisherman catch fish but also for learning from successful fishermen. The Spread aims to share fishing knowledge and provide a solid plan of execution. Understanding ocean conditions, weather, and safety equipment is crucial for success. Returning to land safely is the most important part of the offshore fishing adventure.

  • Spinnerbait Blades for Musky Fishing - Choosing the Right Cut

    2019, Spinnerbait Blades for Musky Fishing - Choosing the Right Cut

    The author emphasizes the importance of weight, blade sizes, and component diameter in lure design. Safety pin spinnerbaits can change purpose by recombinanting these elements. Combining different styles of blades can make a tool less versatile and controlled. Single blades offer strengths but also make them less functional. The author has yet to find an equal quality, function, and aesthetic attentiveness of Joe Murpny's Spinners, despite the presence of several good companies producing musky certified safety pin spinnerbaits.

  • High Speed Wahoo Trolling Rig

    2018, High Speed Wahoo Trolling Rig

    Wahoo rigs and terminal tackle are debated among anglers. Mainline components include wire, monofilament, or braid, with shock cords for shock absorption. Hooks and sets are essential, with wire for short lures and mono for long ones. Leads, shock cords, hook types, and skirts and lures are popular components.