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  • How to Catch Snook Jig Fishing with SlobRob

    2019, Snook - Jigging with SlobRob

    In The Spread snook fishing video features Slob Rob, a cat who fishes from land and hauls in big snook. He shares his land-based techniques for snook, including using custom jigs for big robalo around bridges. Rob's techniques include knowing where snook like to set up, presenting baits, and retrieval methods. The video simplifies the learning curve for snook fishing in Florida, focusing on the jigging rod, fishing reel, line, and leader.

  • Black Drum Fish

    2018, Black Puppy Drum Fishing

    Winter inshore fishing offers delicious table fare for black drum, a bottom feeder that eats shrimp, fiddler crabs, and other crustaceans. Capt. William Toney will teach you where to fish, how to target puppy drum, and how to locate deeper holes and channels. These tips are invaluable for winter days when exploring further out.

  • Spotted Sea Trout Fishing Tampa Bay

    2018, Seatrout - Tampa Bay Fishing Tactics

    In this instructional video, Florida inshore fishing professionals Ray Markham and William Toney discuss sea trout fishing in Tampa Bay. With decades of experience, they have a unique understanding of coastal habitats and predatory fish. They specialize in light tackle and artificial lures, sharing their knowledge on tackle, lures, and tactics. By learning from these experts, success in sea trout fishing is crucial.

  • Daytime Swordfish Fishing South Florida

    2018, Swordfishing - Daytime Fishing in Florida with RJ Boyle

    In The Spread Daytime Swordfish instructional fishing video by RJ Boyle teaches beginners broadbill swordfish techniques, including catching fish from 1000 feet to the bottom. The video covers tackle, rods, reels, rig assembly, boat setup, and favorite baits. It also covers recognizing the bite and making the process easier.

  • Bluefin Tuna Fishing Video

    2018, Tuna Fishing - Giant Bluefin in Nova Scotia

    In this In The Spread fishing video, RJ Boyle and Any Moyes discuss baiting and fishing giant bluefin tuna in Nova Scotia's shallow waters. They discuss heavy custom tackle, specialized rigs, and baiting tactics for hand-picking. Although Nova Scotia's fishing is unique, the techniques and knowledge shared can be applied globally.

  • Broadbill Swordfish Seminar series

    2018, Swordfishing - Daytime Broadbill Seminar with RJ Boyle

    Florida daytime swordfish expert RJ Boyle offers a seminar on technical issues for dropping broadbill swordfish. He covers tackle and rigging, currents, bait targeting, boat driving, drift setup, and recognizing bites from fish nearby. RJ spends half an hour on the swordfish rig, providing experienced knowledge on every aspect of daytime swordfish fishing.

  • Snook Fishing Florida Spillways

    2018, Snook - Fishing Florida Spillways

    Spillway fishing in coastal areas, particularly in S. Florida, is challenging unless well-planned and forethought is taken. Spillways manage water flow, feeding gamefish like snook, who thrive on the food bag. An instructional fishing video can help approach snook fishing in spillways.

  • Sight Casting Summer Redfish

    2018, Redfish - Sight Casting Summer Fish

    Redfish, or red drum, are kings in nearshore waters. Florida fishing guide Capt. William Toney shares techniques for sight casting bigger summer red fish, including baits, lures, and tackle setups. The Gulf coast of Florida offers excellent fishing opportunities with diverse mangroves and abundant fish.

  • Live Chumming Yellowfin Tuna

    2018, Tuna Fishing - Live Bait Chumming Yellowfin - Venice Louisiana

    Yellowfin tuna fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana is a paradise due to its structure and nutrients. Capt. Josh Howard demonstrates key techniques for chumping tuna and catching them quickly. Learn about his preferred tackle and baiting strategies for easy catching.

  • 2018, Snook - Fishing Coastal Rivers with William Toney

    Snook, cold-resistant gamefish, thrive in warmer water and are opportunity feeders. Florida's Gulf Coast rivers provide nutrients for a rich ecosystem, making Homosassa, Florida, an ideal location for snook fishing. The area's magnitude order spring offers year-round fishing opportunities without requiring outdoor access. Captain William Toney, a lifelong fishing guide, shares his knowledge on snook behavior and techniques in a snook fishing video. Enjoy and fish smarter with Captain Toney's expert knowledge.

  • Inlet Fishing for Snook Fish

    2018, Swordfishing - Techniques for Hand Crank with RJ Boyle

    Anglers can choose between electric reels or hand cranking swordfish for a more sporty experience. RJ Boyle, an accomplished swordfishing angler, demonstrates how to deploy baits, drive the hook, and capture swordfish. He covers tackle, breakaway rig deployment, hook drive, and capturing the fish, allowing anglers to confidently go to swordfish grounds and become smarter fishers.

  • High Speed Trolling for Wahoo

    2018, Wahoo - High Speed Trolling with RJ Boyle

    Discover the art and science of targeting wahoo with "In The Spread HIGH SPEED WAHOO TROLLING." This 2.5-hour video features Bahamas fishing experts revealing key trolling tactics, rigging essentials, and more. Elevate your wahoo fishing game with in-depth insights on tides, center console setups, and post-bite strategies.

  • Baits and Lures for Cobia Fishing

    2018, Cobia - Basic Fishing Baits and Lures

    In this In The Spread fishing video, Capt. Brian Sanders shares his knowledge on the best cobia fishing baits and lures, as well as tips for setting up on wrecks and avoiding getting snagged on structures. Cobia are curious and will investigate most baits and lures, so knowing productive cobia fishing baits and lures can help catch more fish.

  • Snook Fishing Florida Coastal Flats

    2018, Snook - Fishing Florida Coastal Flats

    Homosassa, Florida's coastal waters are home to one of the best snook fisheries in the state. Large fish are caught in mangrove keys, and Capt. William Toney teaches fishing techniques, soft DOA jerk baits, and habitats. The fishery's diverse habitat and fresh water springs sustain the fish, allowing anglers to develop various skills and presentation techniques.

  • Fishing for Dolphin Fish

    2018, Dolphin Fishing - Techniques and Tackle

    In The Spread dolphin fishing video shares tips, tactics, and pro-level techniques for catching dolphins. It covers boat prep, gaffs, tackle, baits, angling, boat driving, bird behavior, and surface cover. Fishing legend RJ Boyle demonstrates the art of crushing dorado and guiding teams to catch more fish.

  • Best Yellowfin Tuna Surface Lures

    2018, Tuna Fishing - Top 5 Yellowfin Surface Lures - Venice

    Venice, Louisiana is the yellowfin tuna fishing capital, offering expert knowledge on selecting top poppers and swimbaits for yellowfin and blackfin tuna. Capt. Josh Howard shares his experience, guiding fishermen to confidently use these lures in their tackle box.

  • Best Redfish Lures

    2018, Redfish - Top 5 Lures with William Toney

    In the Spread fishing video, Captain William Toney, a 4th generation guide from Florida, shares his expertise in targeting red fish with lures. By profiling and discussing his best red fish lures, viewers can make informed tackle decisions and become smarter in their redfish fishing program.

  • Speckled Trout in the Summer

    2018, Seatrout- Summer Techniques with William Toney

    In The Spread Summer Sea Trout Fishing, Florida Capt. William Toney shares tactics and techniques for catching sea trout, the king of inshore waters. He covers when to target trout, optimal conditions, slow drifting, and using a popping cork rig with various jigs.

  • Live Bait for Snook

    2018, Snook - Live Bait Fishing Chokoloskee Florida

    In this In The Spread fishing video, we discuss catching snook using live bait in Florida, a dynamic environment with big fish. We work with Chokoloskee fishing guide Brian Sanders to explain tides, preferred tackle, rig, presentation, boat positioning, and various angling techniques. Brian shares his lifeline snook fish angler's tactics and strategies, helping you become the best live bait snook fisherman.

  • Sheepshead Fish

    2018, Sheepshead - Fishing Florida Gulf Coast

    In this In The Spread fishing video, Capt. William Toney teaches you how to catch sheepshead fish, including shallow water structure, baits, rigs, and tides. As a top inshore fishing guide in Florida, his tips will help you catch more fish and become smarter in your fishing endeavors.