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  • high speed trolling wahoo action from Cay Sal video cover

    2020, Wahoo - High Speed Trolling Cay Sal

    High Speed Trolling video from The Spread showcases thrilling wahoo fishing action, filmed on a boat. The video highlights the importance of a frontal system and the long-lasting bites. The video also provides tips on handling wahoo, including grabbing them with gill rakers for control and snapping pictures. Enjoy the gratuitous wahoo fishing action and thank those who taught you.

  • high speed trolling wahoo pro tips video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Fishing Tips for High Speed Trolling

    Capt. Shawn Olds shares his top wahoo fishing tips in a question and answer video with RJ Boyle. The video covers boat driving, fish handling, atmospheric conditions, top places, driving speed, wahoo trolling spreads, lure colors, tides, moon phases, trolling depth, gaff, and driving upon hook-up. This must-watch for anglers looking to improve their knowledge.

  • high speed trolling wahoo rigs and terminal tackle video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Rig and Terminal Tackle for High Speed Trolling

    RJ Boyle and Shawn Olds discuss the wahoo rig and terminal tackle used for high-speed trolling, covering various aspects such as wire, mono, and braid. They also discuss the importance of stretch at strike, swivel types, and lead weights. The video also discusses shock cords, wire versus cable, hooks, skirts, and lure choices, with the goal of increasing catches. The insights provided are informative and will help anglers improve their techniques.

  • lure rigging for high speed trolling wahoo video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Rigging Lures for High Speed Trolling

    Rick Redeker, a renowned big game fishing pro, demonstrates unconventional wahoo trolling lure rigging techniques in a video. This powerful learning tool showcases his unique system, which weeds through smaller fish to focus on catching big wahoo. The video covers tools, tackle, and lures used for rigging wahoo lures, with a heavier setup for better results. This resource is ideal for learning high-speed trolling techniques and catching big wahoo.

  • high speed trolling wahoo tournament secrets video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Secrets of High Speed Trolling

    Rick Redeker and RJ Boyle share their expertise on wahoo fishing, focusing on catching big wahoo. They discuss tactics, tackle expansion, and mental approach to consistently catch big fish. Rick shares information on lure colors, lead size, and water movement, while RJ emphasizes tidal windows and moon phases. This informative video will help fishers become smarter and more successful in their pursuit of wahoo.

  • setting the spread high speed trolling wahoo video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Lure Spread for High Speed Trolling

    High speed trolling is the top method for wahoo fishing in the Bahamas and surrounding islands. The best fishermen have their systems in place, paying close attention to details. Corey Burlew, a lifelong fisherman, shares his knowledge on wahoo trolling, tackle preferences, tuning, angling tips, and boat driving for easier gaff shots.

  • high speed trolling wahoo how to drive the edge video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Driving the Edge High Speed Trolling

    Watch part 3 of the high speed wahoo trolling video about driving the edge. I added these parts, so you can quickly find some of the best parts of the video without having to watch the whole video. Edge trolling is difficult for a lot of fisherman. The wahoo are on the edge and that is where you need to focus your efforts. In the Bahamas the edge is hard, dropping off very quickly. It is not a straight line, but rather a zig zagging rough pattern of coral reefs. Take advantage of this short video on driving the edge featuring RJ Boyle. RJ commercial fished for much of his early life. His ability to feed his family depended on catching fish. Listen to what he is explaining. Driving the edge, as you trolling for wahoo, requires understanding how your lures move behind the boat as you drive. The boat may be in deep water, while the lures are in shallow. With a steep edge, you need to keep your lures in the right depth to get max bites. This is a crash course in edge trolling. Watch and learn how to catch wahoo driving the hard edge in the Bahamas. The principles shared here will make a difference.

  • high speed trolling bahamas edge trolling principles video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Edge Fishing Bimini High Speed Trolling

    In this second part of the High Speed Trolling for Wahoo video, Corey Burlew, a seasoned wahoo fishing professional, shares his knowledge on catching wahoo on the edge in the Bahamas. He discusses the tide-driven nature of the fishery and how wind can extend bites. Corey shares his expertise on the ideal depth for high-speed trolling and explains that angling and boat driving are effective strategies for catching wahoo.

  • High Speed Trolling for Wahoo

    2018, Wahoo - High Speed Trolling with RJ Boyle

    Discover the art and science of targeting wahoo with "In The Spread HIGH SPEED WAHOO TROLLING." This 2.5-hour video features Bahamas fishing experts revealing key trolling tactics, rigging essentials, and more. Elevate your wahoo fishing game with in-depth insights on tides, center console setups, and post-bite strategies.