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high speed wahoo trolling in the spread fishing video
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High Speed Trolling for Wahoo with RJ Boyle

If you are offshore fishing in tropical and subtropical waters anywhere in the world, you are familiar with the wahoo or ono (Acanthocybium solandri). The sporting prowess of this scombrid fish and its high-quality as table fare make it a prized game fish. Many saltwater fishing anglers catch wahoo by accident, but when you set out to target this pelagic species with discretion, there is a definite science.

What we did for this In The Spread HIGH SPEED WAHOO TROLLING instructional video, to make it really dynamic was to bring in several guys, at the top of the game, to share their in-depth experience wahoo fishing in the Bahamas. We fish areas around Bimini and Cay Sal and then come back into the RJ Boyle tackle shop to break down the tactics, strategies, tackle and rigging required for wahoo fishing. These fishermen have had huge success fishing some of the biggest tournaments and are willing to share everything they know.

Tides play a hug roll in trolling for wahoo on the edge. Learn about which tides are most ideal and which part of that given tide will produce more bites.

Since we focus more on center console boat trolling, we will share insight on how to setup and optimize spreads for this style of boat. How many lures work well within the spread and what are you trying to achieve in the presentation?

Knowing what to do when you get a bite is a huge ingredient in triggering second and third bites, so pay close attention to the strategies discussed. Driving is critical in trolling fishing. Find out what to do and what no to do when that bite comes. Our instructors will also demonstrate a few fishing tips related to your angling that can get you more bites.

The 90 minute discussion on wahoo lures, wahoo rigs and all the tackle is wide ranging. There is a lot of knowledge being bandied about. The shock cord, leader, weights and all connections that go into the rig are broken down. You will learn about wire line and mono vs braid. Rick Redecker, who is a big tournament winner, one of the best edge fishermen in S. Florida, and specializes in targeting big fish, walks you through how to rig lures for big wahoo. South Florida fishing legends RJ Boyle and Shawn Olds drill way into the tactics and the vast assortment of tackle available for wahoo trolling.

Information is power and In The Spread is bringing you the goods in this 2.5 hour instructional video. Take your time and absorb the knowledge being shared here. Add a few more tools to your quiver. Never stop learning.

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