Tarpon Fishing - Florida Gulf Coast

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Instructor: Seth Horne

Tarpon fishing on the Gulf Coast of Florida offers opportunities to target giant fish. Sight casting is crucial for success, and bait placement is crucial. Learn about productive baits and how to drive and position boats to avoid spooking the school. In the Spread instructor teaches specific techniques to quickly catch big fish and maximize results.

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If there's one certainty in the world of tarpon fishing, it's this: Florida is the hotspot for big fish action. The west coast of the state witnesses a prolific tarpon migration, with Sarasota being a prime launch point. With waves of fish rolling through, opportunities are abundant. And remember, Florida boasts numerous world records for tarpon, mostly caught off its central west coast. This places Sarasota squarely in trophy territory.

In The Spread Collaboration

In The Spread collaborated with underground inshore fishing guide Jason Coffrin to provide insights on tarpon fishing. Sight casting to these majestic creatures is exhilarating but challenging. It's not as simple as spotting a fish and casting your bait. The bait's placement and movement in the water are crucial. Many anglers often miss their mark, leading to frustration.

With decades of experience along this coastline, Jason is a master at hooking these giants. He delves deep into:

  • Vessel placement
  • Bait presentation
  • Angling techniques
  • Essential gear
  • Other invaluable fishing tips

One key takeaway: approach the school with caution. Some fishermen inadvertently scare the fish away by driving straight into the school. It's essential to observe the fish's movement and approach stealthily.

The Best Bait for Tarpon

Live crabs are the gold standard. Without them, you're better off staying ashore. Jason demonstrates the ideal crab type, size, and hooking technique.

The bait's presentation is equally vital. A slight misplacement can mean no bite. It's crucial to understand the tarpon's behavior and preferences. They're finicky creatures, so patience is key. The insights shared in this video will equip you with the knowledge to increase your success rate.

The Battle with the Giant

While the initial steps might seem straightforward, it's the minute details that determine your success. Facing a giant tarpon is a test of skill and endurance. These fish demand advanced tactics to ensure a successful catch and release. If you're fortunate enough to hook a monster, as showcased in the video, you'll benefit from learning specific techniques to shorten the battle and ensure the fish's well-being.

Tarpon fishing isn't inherently hard—it's meticulous. Let us impart fishing tips and techniques to elevate your angling game.

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Seth Horne

Seth Horne is a passionate sport fisherman and media professional who has fished across the globe for over 20 years. Through his production companies, he creates fishing films and videos focused on sharing the knowledge of expert anglers worldwide. Horne launched the In The Spread (ITS) video platform to provide comprehensive fishing instruction and revolutionize how anglers improve their skills. ITS features in-depth tutorials, tips, and adventures from some of the world's best fishermen. Horne's mission is to share fishing expertise to help anglers have better experiences on the water.

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