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  • Captain William Toney shows how to catch redfish in Florida with pinfish tricks

    2023, Simple Pinfish Tricks for Florida Redfish

    Embark on a thrilling journey into Florida's redfish fishing with Captain William Toney's expert guidance. Uncover the secrets of using pinfish as the ultimate bait, master precision casting, and adapt to changing waters. Elevate your angling skills with insights from In The Spread.

  • Captain William Toney catching gag grouper in Florida

    2023, Gag Grouper – Florida Inshore Fishing

    Embark on a journey with Captain William Toney as he unveils the finesse of inshore gag grouper fishing in Florida's vibrant waters—where skill, science, and sea converge.

  • William toney with his favorite casting lures for gag grouper

    2023, Lures for Gag Grouper in Shallow Water

    Join Capt. William Toney on a deep dive into Florida's grouper fishing. From the biology of the elusive gag grouper to tactical lures and prime fishing spots, become the master of the aquatic battlefield with unmatched expertise and strategy.

  • Florida Inshore Slam Redfish Trout Snook

    2023, Slam Fishing - Florida Redfish Seatrout Snook

    Captain William Toney of Homosassa, Florida, shares his inshore slam fishing technique using a single jig combo with DOA and MirrOlure. He aims to catch all three species on the same artificial lure in one day, showcasing the depth of knowledge and easy-going demeanor of the expert. Toney shares tips on maximizing conditions, tides, and prevailing structure, ensuring fun and achieving the goal of catching seatrout, redfish, and snook using one lure.

  • Filleting Mangrove Snapper William Toney

    2020, Mangrove Snapper - Filleting Fish with William Toney

    Fisherman should know how to fillet mangrove snapper, a top inshore fish. Different filleting techniques are necessary for different fish. Grovers are the tastiest fish to eat, and a good knife and steady hand are essential. Captain William Toney of Homosassa Inshore Fishing can guide you through the process, ensuring you eat the best and leave feeling great.

  • Inshore Mangrove Snapper

    2020, Mangrove Snapper - Fishing Inshore with William Toney

    Capt. William Toney, a fourth-generation fishing guide, teaches how to catch inshore mangrove snapper. He teaches how to locate productive structure, set up on it, and use various baits and jig heads. Toney emphasizes the importance of structure, live shrimp, and jig heads for optimal fishing. This instructional video is a valuable resource for anglers looking to catch mangrove snapper in the Gulf Coast.

  • Redfish Live Bait

    2020, Redfish - Best Live Bait with William Toney

    Captain William Toney shares tips and techniques for catching redfish, including pinfish, shrimp, and mud minnows. He teaches trapping, bait selection, and using a subsurface buoy to prevent theft. Toney demonstrates making rigs, hook placement, and modifying pinfish for scent or vibration.

  • How to Catch Snook Jig Fishing with SlobRob

    2019, Snook - Jigging with SlobRob

    In The Spread snook fishing video features Slob Rob, a cat who fishes from land and hauls in big snook. He shares his land-based techniques for snook, including using custom jigs for big robalo around bridges. Rob's techniques include knowing where snook like to set up, presenting baits, and retrieval methods. The video simplifies the learning curve for snook fishing in Florida, focusing on the jigging rod, fishing reel, line, and leader.

  • Popping Cork Rigs for Redfish

    2019, Redfish - Popping Cork Rigs with William Toney

    Capt. William Toney, a knowledgeable inshore fishing angler with over four generations of experience, shares his tips for free-lining live shrimp under a cork rig for redfish. This technique is highly effective in challenging conditions like windy days and heavy tides. Toney emphasizes the importance of understanding tides and how fish react to them. By following Toney's techniques, anglers can become smarter and more successful in their fishing endeavors.

  • Winter Sea Trout Fishing

    2019, Seatrout - Winter Fishing with William Toney

    Winter fishing presents challenges for fishermen seeking sea trout, as fish often seek deeper water. To catch them, fishermen must know tides and find areas with exposed sandbars or rocky structures. Captain William Toney, an expert in inshore fishing, shares tactics and tackle for catching sea trout in cold months. The In The Spread sea trout fishing video provides valuable insights on using water movement to catch and limiting sea trout during winter.

  • Lure Fishing Techniques for Winter Snook

    2019, Snook - Winter Lure Fishing Techniques with William Toney

    Snook fishing presents challenges, including snook preferences, lure selection, and the cold air and water of winter. Capt. William Toney, a snook fishing expert in Florida, shares tips for catching snook in Homosassa, Florida. Toney demonstrates how to find snook, select the best artificial lures, and understand tides, which can turn the bite on and off instantly. Being positioned at the right spot during these transitions is crucial for catching snook.

  • Live Bait Winter Snook

    2019, Snook - Live Bait for Winter Fishing

    Winter snook fishing can be challenging due to sluggish fish in cold water. To attract bites, present live bait that triggers the "I can't live without that" response. Capt. William Toney, a renowned guide, uses a specific live bait for success.

  • Fillet Redfish and Sea Trout

    2018, How to Fillet Redfish and Sea Trout

    Captain William Toney, a lifelong and multi-generational fisherman from Homosassa, Florida, shares his expertise on filleting redfish and sea trout. He emphasizes the importance of cleaning fish thoroughly to ensure the best fillets without leaving any bones. In this short video, he demonstrates how to use a wet stone to sharpen a knife, filleting redfish and sea trout, and preparing delicious table fare.

  • Tarpon Fishing Florida's Gulf Coast

    2018, Tarpon Fishing - Florida Gulf Coast

    Tarpon fishing on the Gulf Coast of Florida offers opportunities to target giant fish. Sight casting is crucial for success, and bait placement is crucial. Learn about productive baits and how to drive and position boats to avoid spooking the school. In the Spread instructor teaches specific techniques to quickly catch big fish and maximize results.

  • Black Drum Fish

    2018, Black Puppy Drum Fishing

    Winter inshore fishing offers delicious table fare for black drum, a bottom feeder that eats shrimp, fiddler crabs, and other crustaceans. Capt. William Toney will teach you where to fish, how to target puppy drum, and how to locate deeper holes and channels. These tips are invaluable for winter days when exploring further out.

  • Spotted Sea Trout Fishing Tampa Bay

    2018, Seatrout - Tampa Bay Fishing Tactics

    In this instructional video, Florida inshore fishing professionals Ray Markham and William Toney discuss sea trout fishing in Tampa Bay. With decades of experience, they have a unique understanding of coastal habitats and predatory fish. They specialize in light tackle and artificial lures, sharing their knowledge on tackle, lures, and tactics. By learning from these experts, success in sea trout fishing is crucial.

  • Snook Fishing Florida Spillways

    2018, Snook - Fishing Florida Spillways

    Spillway fishing in coastal areas, particularly in S. Florida, is challenging unless well-planned and forethought is taken. Spillways manage water flow, feeding gamefish like snook, who thrive on the food bag. An instructional fishing video can help approach snook fishing in spillways.

  • 2018, Snook - Fishing Coastal Rivers with William Toney

    Snook, cold-resistant gamefish, thrive in warmer water and are opportunity feeders. Florida's Gulf Coast rivers provide nutrients for a rich ecosystem, making Homosassa, Florida, an ideal location for snook fishing. The area's magnitude order spring offers year-round fishing opportunities without requiring outdoor access. Captain William Toney, a lifelong fishing guide, shares his knowledge on snook behavior and techniques in a snook fishing video. Enjoy and fish smarter with Captain Toney's expert knowledge.

  • Best Live Bait Tactics for Redfish

    2018, Redfish - Live Bait Tactics for Pressured Fish

    Capt. William Toney offers tips for catching red fish in pressured Florida fishing spots. He teaches how to catch red drum fish with live bait, using artificial lures, dead, and live baits. Toney has experience targeting reds with artificial lures and dead baits, and shares his techniques for triggering bites on tough days. By learning from the best, you can become more productive and smarter in fishing pressured red drum.

  • Cubera Snapper Fishing

    2018, Cubera Snapper - Bouncer Smith Tactics

    Capt. Bouncer Smith, a South Florida fishing legend, shares his knowledge on catching cubera snapper, a powerful, finicky reef donkey. He teaches baiting techniques, drag settings, tackle, drift structure, and handling the intense bite and fight. Learn from him to catch cubera snapper and become a smarter fisherman.