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Instructor: Seth Horne

Strip baits are versatile saltwater fishing baits made from dolphin, mackerel, skipjack, tuna, or bonito. Bonito is the best choice due to its easy catch. This fishing video teaches step-by-step instructions on cutting strip baits, including tools, ingredients, and meat preparation. It covers shaved meat, shaping, and grain considerations. Strip baits are effective for dolphin, mackerel, tuna, wahoo, and billfish.

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  • Bait Type: Strip bait, a lethal saltwater fishing bait.
  • Characteristics: Simple, tough, durable, natural, organic scent and texture.
  • Suitable Fish: Dolphin, mackerel, skipjack, bonito (especially bonito).
  • Catching Bonito: Found off the edge of reefs, especially in 100-200 foot depths in south Florida.
  • Cutting Strip Baits: Learn the tools, ingredients, cutting methods, salting, and storage.
  • Rigging Strip Baits: Multiple methods available, based on target fish.
  • Resource: In The Spread fishing videos.

There may be no more lethal saltwater fishing bait than a strip bait. These fleshy strips are as simple as it gets. They are tough, durable, certainly not fancy, and natural. The scent and texture are purely organic, something predators are used to. Dolphin, mackerel, skipjack, and bonito are all great options for strip baits. Perhaps the best is bonito. There may be no more lethal saltwater fishing bait than a strip bait. These fleshy strips are as simple as it gets. 

Catching Bonito

The first thing you need to know is how to catch bonito. These ravenous fish are readily available just off the edge of the reefs. In south Florida, the 100-200 foot depth is bonito territory. They will hit jigs, spoons, cut bait, poppers, or just about anything flashing through the water or splashing on the surface. They also make for fun fishing action to get your day started.

You can troll them on the surface raw or skirted. You can put them down in the water column behind a planer or put them on the bottom. Strip baits are amazing baits for catching dolphin, mackerel, tuna, wahoo, and billfish.

Cutting Strip Baits

So, getting down to the business of how to cut strip baits, this In The Spread fishing video will show you the tools and ingredients required to cut and store your strips. You will learn what part of the bonito makes the best strips and how to cut away the excess meat before starting with carving out nice strips. We will show you how to shape your strips and bevel the edges for optimal performance in the water. You will see which direction the grain of the meat should go in when shaping the strip, so it will not ball up once you start pulling it through the water. Learn about salting your strips and how to store them. Due to their size, you can store tons of these in your cooler or freezer for later use.

Rigging Strip Baits

When it comes to rigging strip baits, there are a myriad of ways to go about it, based on what you are fishing for. You can rig them with skirts, sea witches, or lures. If you would like to know more about how to rig strip baits, check out our Rigging Strip Baits video.

At In The Spread, we always try and bring you the very best fishing intel, so you can spend more time catching fish and less time trying to figure stuff out. Go with good knowledge and fish smarter.
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Catching Bonito

Where can I find bonito in South Florida?
Bonito can be found just off the edge of the reefs, especially in the 100-200 foot depth range.

What baits do bonito prefer?
They are attracted to jigs, spoons, cut bait, poppers, and almost any flashy or splashing bait.

Cutting Strip Baits

Which part of the bonito is best for strip baits?
The In The Spread fishing video provides detailed information on the best parts of the bonito to use for strip baits.

How do I store strip baits?
You can salt the strip baits and store them in coolers or freezers for later use.

Rigging Strip Baits

How can I rig strip baits?
There are various methods to rig strip baits, depending on the target fish. You can use skirts, sea witches, or lures. For a comprehensive guide, refer to the Rigging Strip Baits video by In The Spread.

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