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  • Tarpon Fishing Florida's Gulf Coast

    2018, Tarpon Fishing - Florida Gulf Coast

    Tarpon fishing on the Gulf Coast of Florida offers opportunities to target giant fish. Sight casting is crucial for success, and bait placement is crucial. Learn about productive baits and how to drive and position boats to avoid spooking the school. In the Spread instructor teaches specific techniques to quickly catch big fish and maximize results.

  • Tarpon Fishing at Night

    2018, Tarpon Fishing - Nighttime in Miami

    Big tarpon fishing at night is a thrilling and challenging experience, requiring knowledge of fish movement, current usage, drift trolling, bait selection, and electronics and tackle. This In The Spread fishing video teaches high-level techniques for catching giant tarpon in Miami Beach. By following the tips provided, you can catch more fish and enjoy the thrill of nighttime tarpon fishing.

  • Tarpon Fishing

    2018, Tarpon Fishing - Bahia Honda

    In The Spread fishing video teaches tips and techniques for fishing Bahia Honda in the Florida Keys for tarpon fish. It covers tides, tackle, tarpon bait, current, structure, boat driving, angling techniques, and optimal bait presentation. The video also explores bridge structure, baits, and water color, which are crucial factors in tarpon behavior. The video provides real-life fishing scenarios and explanations, making it an excellent tool for improving tarpon fishing.

  • Site Casting to Tarpon

    2018, Site Casting to Tarpon

    Sight casting for the tarpon is an exhilarating and rewarding angling experience, especially during the migration season in Florida's Gulf Coast. The art involves precision and patience, starting with locating the fish in clear waters and abundant sunlight. The challenge lies in enticing the tarpon to take the bait.