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Tarpon Fish at Night

The In The Spread Nighttime Tarpon Fishing video shows you the ins and outs of targeting these kings of the inshore waters in the dark. Fishing for “BIG” tarpon in the daytime is one thing. Fighting fish over a 100 lbs at night, just off the beach, on a flats boat is another ballgame. If you want to be a better tarpon fisherman, this fishing video will help you achieve that.

What better place to target tarpon fish in the states than Miami. Easy to get to, great places to stay, food, oh the food and the beaches. To think that you will be fishing a stones throw from the beach at night is exciting. The lights and music are right there. There are also some damn big fish cruising the waters of South Florida. Learn how to catch tarpon at night.

Watch as we dissects the finer points of tangling with these hogs at night, so you can go out and do it on your own. Learn where the fish are going to be and why. See what the right bottom machine can do for you. Get pointers on drift trolling, terminal tackle, rods, reels and baits. Discover different ways to play the current and angling tactics that will trigger more bites. We are going to break down every aspect of nighttime tarpon fishing for you.

When the tarpon fish is in abundance through the spring and summer, capitalize on what we share in this video to catch more fish. Learn how to get on fish and stay on fish. Just knowing a few advanced techniques will help increase your hook up ratio. These strategies for nighttime tarpon fishing Florida will produce fish. It really isn't rocket science. It is just about knowing a little more. Never stop learning.

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