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Fishing Techniques for Redfish

Homosassa is a legendary Florida redfish fishing destination, holding some of the most productive inshore waters in the state for this game fish. The red fish, also referred to as red drum, fishing is good all year with the sight casting action in the summer being some of the more exciting. Learn sight casting techniques for red drum with this In The Spread fishing video. As far as pure power, reds are kings of the close in nearshore waters. Once hooked, they are bulldogs that will definitely give you a slugfest. Casting to these in skinny water is an absolute thrill. There is nothing like watching a redfish eat your bait before coming tight.

Watch and learn as renowned Florida fishing guide Capt. William Toney goes into great detail about site casting techniques, baits and bait rigging, lures, tackle, line, connections and the conditions you should know when targeting red fish in Homosassa or any other fishery.

The Nature Coast of Florida is a really dynamic fishery. With the gigantic volume of freshwater that pumps out of the big springs in the area mixing with saltwater, the rivers and tidal creeks spawn an incredible nutrient rich ecosystem. This flow of bait fish and nutrients feeds the tidal flats and keys that litter this region of the gulf coast. The mangrove keys are the beneficiaries of this richness and serve as the estuary for everything, including your bait fish, shrimp, crabs and birds. Redfish lay out on the flats waiting to pillage the mangroves. Based on how the wind and water is moving the fish will situate themselves to take advantage of what the keys offer.

Targeting redfish during these feeding times can be super productive and thrilling. Knowing how to catch red fish is all about your presentation. What type of bait should you use? What size should it be. How do you assemble the redfish rig? Where do you cast, relative to the fish? What is the best way to present your bait, so that it has a natural appearance? Capt. William Toney has all the answers for you.

When you talk about red drum bait, one the works well is shrimp. It can be live bait or dead. We will show you how to hook a shrimp for optimal presentation. Artificial baits will work also. Some of the best red drum lures for this region of the Gulf coast will be search baits, jigs, soft plastics and spinner baits. We will show you all of them.

You will need to know how to navigate the keys with your boat, so as not to spook the fish. You will need to know whether to anchor or drift. What is the thought process on poling the mangroves? Which side of the key is going to hold fish?

This In The Spread Sight Casting Summer Redfish video goes into great detail explaining and demonstrating the bait and tackle, the boat positioning and tactics that can prove successful for you.

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