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Instructor: Brian Sanders

In The Spread redfish video teaches how to catch red fish with live bait, focusing on the right ingredients and techniques. The instructor discusses tackle, line, leaders, hooks, sizes, and knots, ensuring a natural presentation. The video is a detailed explanation and demonstration, collaborating with top fishermen to provide valuable knowledge and knowledge for catching redfish legally.

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Do you want to know how to catch redfish? Live bait, when properly used, is a game-changer for this fish. It's far more effective than lures. To master the art of catching redfish, you need to understand:

  • The right baits
  • Fish behavior based on tides
  • Chumming techniques
  • Proper bait and tackle selection
  • Rigging and presentation
  • Boat positioning
Capt. Brian Sanders, a seasoned inshore and offshore Florida fishing guide, is here to share his expertise. Brian has been fishing for red drum in Chokoloskee since his childhood. Dive deep into his knowledge with the In The Spread Live Bait for Redfish video.

The Importance of Bait

It might seem straightforward, but the right bait can drastically affect your catch rate. Consider:

  • Type of bait: What's the best redfish bait?
  • Bait acquisition: Will you catch the live bait fish yourself?
  • Quantity: How much bait do you need for both hooked baits and chumming?
  • Size: What's the ideal size for red drum bait?
  • Hooking technique: How can you hook live bait for a natural presentation?
Tackle Essentials

You don't need an extensive collection of redfish fishing tackle, but the right tools are crucial:

    Rod: Find the right length and action for casting and reeling in big fish.
    Reel: Ensure it's fit for purpose and spooled with the best line.
    Line: Braid or mono? How much should your reel hold, and what color is best?
    Leader: Choose the right line type, size, and length.
    Hooks: Select based on bait size for a natural presentation.
    Rigging: Learn how to assemble the essential redfish rig.

Understanding Conditions

Gain clarity on how different conditions affect feeding:

  • Moon phases
  • Time of year and temperature
  • Barometer readings
  • Tides

Get in-depth explanations on the best fishing spots and their duration. Learn how to position your boat and present your live baits considering winds and currents. Watch and learn these crucial redfish fishing tips.

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