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  • Sight Casting Summer Redfish

    2018, Redfish - Sight Casting Summer Fish

    Redfish, or red drum, are kings in nearshore waters. Florida fishing guide Capt. William Toney shares techniques for sight casting bigger summer red fish, including baits, lures, and tackle setups. The Gulf coast of Florida offers excellent fishing opportunities with diverse mangroves and abundant fish.

  • Best Redfish Lures

    2018, Redfish - Top 5 Lures with William Toney

    In the Spread fishing video, Captain William Toney, a 4th generation guide from Florida, shares his expertise in targeting red fish with lures. By profiling and discussing his best red fish lures, viewers can make informed tackle decisions and become smarter in their redfish fishing program.

  • Best Live Bait Tactics for Redfish

    2018, Redfish - Live Bait Tactics for Pressured Fish

    Capt. William Toney offers tips for catching red fish in pressured Florida fishing spots. He teaches how to catch red drum fish with live bait, using artificial lures, dead, and live baits. Toney has experience targeting reds with artificial lures and dead baits, and shares his techniques for triggering bites on tough days. By learning from the best, you can become more productive and smarter in fishing pressured red drum.

  • Brian Sanders holds up a couple Chokoloskee redfish

    2018, Redfish - Live Bait Fishing

    In The Spread redfish video teaches how to catch red fish with live bait, focusing on the right ingredients and techniques. The instructor discusses tackle, line, leaders, hooks, sizes, and knots, ensuring a natural presentation. The video is a detailed explanation and demonstration, collaborating with top fishermen to provide valuable knowledge and knowledge for catching redfish legally.

  • image depicting state and federal redfish regulations

    2023, Redfish Regulations by State

    Explore redfish regulations with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the crucial state and federal laws, effective fishing techniques, and the importance of conservation to ensure the sustainability of this prized species. Perfect for anglers eager to responsibly enjoy the thrill of redfish fishing.

  • How to Catch Redfish

    2023, Fishing Hacks to Catch More Redfish

    Dive into the exciting world of redfish angling with our expert guide. From the vibrant waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, learn the art of locating and luring these prized game fish. Master tactics for pressured redfish, using downsized tackle and strategic lure changes. Enhance your fishing skills and enjoy thrilling catches.

  • Best Live Bait for Redfish

    2020, Best Live Bait for Redfish

    Redfish, also known as red drum, are popular inshore species and rely on sight and smell for success. To catch redfish, use baits native to their natural environment and crustaceans. Capt. William Toney, a fourth-generation guide, uses live baits in Homosassa, Florida, targeting redfish year-round. Knowing local natural baits and tides helps produce fish in boats, even during seasonal variations. Using fresh baits is the most effective choice for near-guaranteed success.