Redfish - Live Bait Tactics for Pressured Fish

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Instructor: William Toney

Capt. William Toney offers tips for catching red fish in pressured Florida fishing spots. He teaches how to catch red drum fish with live bait, using artificial lures, dead, and live baits. Toney has experience targeting reds with artificial lures and dead baits, and shares his techniques for triggering bites on tough days. By learning from the best, you can become more productive and smarter in fishing pressured red drum.

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Key Takeaways From the Video:

  • Capt. William Toney shares his expertise on catching redfish in heavily pressured areas
  • Learn about effective baits, rigging techniques, and key fishing strategies
  • Discover how to select the right rods, reels, lines, and leaders for redfish fishing
  • Find out how to catch fresh bait without using live wells or cast nets
  • Get tips on boat positioning and bait presentation to avoid spooking the fish

If you're keen on learning how to catch redfish or red drum fish that receive significant pressure, don't miss out on this In The Spread video with Capt. William Toney. If you fish an area with many anglers and spot plenty of reds but can't get bites, the solution is simple: use bait. For action-packed fishing, live bait gives you the edge you need. Dive into this video to uncover secrets that will help you catch more of these game fish. Discover effective baits, rigging techniques, key fishing strategies, and much more.

Capt. Toney's Expertise

Capt. William Toney is a true master of the craft when it comes to catching redfish. As a seasoned Florida inshore fishing guide, he has dedicated a significant portion of his life to pursuing these iconic game fish in the pristine waters of Homosassa. With countless hours spent on the water, Capt. Toney has developed an unparalleled understanding of redfish behavior, habitat preferences, and feeding patterns.

Over the years, Capt. Toney has amassed a wealth of knowledge and has perfected a wide array of tricks and techniques that consistently put his clients on trophy-sized redfish. From selecting the most effective baits to reading the tides and understanding the subtle nuances of the ever-changing inshore environment, William has a keen eye for detail and an instinctive ability to adapt to any situation.

What sets Capt. Toney apart from other fishing guides is his genuine passion for sharing his knowledge with others. He understands that not everyone has the same level of experience or expertise when it comes to fishing for redfish, and he takes great pride in helping anglers of all skill levels accelerate their learning curve and achieve success on the water.

Whether you're a seasoned angler looking to refine your techniques or a novice just starting out, Capt. Toney's guidance and insights can help you leave frustration behind and start catching more redfish. He emphasizes the importance of patience, persistence, and a willingness to learn from every experience, both successes and failures.

One of the most valuable lessons that Capt. Toney imparts to his clients is that just because the redfish in your area are heavily pressured doesn't mean they won't bite. While it's true that redfish in popular fishing destinations can become wary and more challenging to catch, Capt. Toney knows that with the right approach and techniques, it's still possible to entice these fish to strike.

By staying ahead of the game and continually adapting to the changing conditions, Capt. Toney consistently puts his clients in the best possible position to succeed. Whether it's adjusting his tactics based on the tide, switching up baits to match the preferences of the local redfish population, or exploring new areas to find untapped schools of fish, Capt. Toney is always thinking one step ahead.

In short, if you're serious about taking your redfish fishing skills to the next level and want to learn from one of the best in the business, look no further than Capt. William Toney. With his wealth of knowledge, infectious enthusiasm, and proven track record of success, he is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to unlock the secrets of catching trophy redfish in the challenging waters of Florida's inshore fisheries.


Using the right bait and techniques can make all the difference when targeting pressured redfish.

Capt. William Toney

Bait and Tackle Insights

When it comes to selecting your bait and tackle for redfish fishing, it's crucial to consider not only the specific needs of targeting redfish but also the potential to encounter other hard-fighting inshore game fish species like snook and tarpon. These fish often share similar habitats and can readily take your bait, so being prepared with the right gear is essential.

In this video, Capt. William Toney provides a comprehensive overview of his preferred setup for tackling redfish and other inshore species. He discusses:

  • Rods and Reels: Capt. Toney shares his go-to rod and reel combinations, explaining the importance of factors such as rod action, power, and sensitivity, as well as reel speed and drag systems.
  • Line Choices: Learn about the different types of fishing line Capt. Toney uses and the reasoning behind his selections. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines, and how to choose the right one for your fishing situation.
  • Leader Selection: Capt. Toney discusses the importance of selecting the appropriate leader material and strength based on the fishing structures you'll be targeting. Whether you're fishing around oyster bars, mangroves, or open flats, understanding how to choose the right leader can make a significant difference in your success.

One of the most interesting aspects of this video is the discussion on bait. Capt. Toney not only covers the best baits for catching redfish but also delves into the techniques for catching that bait itself. Rather than relying on live wells or cast nets, Capt. Toney demonstrates how to catch fresh bait right next to the boat, ensuring you have the liveliest and most appealing offerings for your target species.

Discover the specific tackle needed for catching your own bait, and watch as Capt. Toney showcases his techniques for modifying and hooking the bait for optimal presentation. By mastering these skills, you'll be able to adapt to any situation on the water and increase your chances of landing trophy redfish and other exciting inshore game fish.

Boating Techniques for Pressured Reds

When it comes to fishing for redfish near mangrove shorelines, the way you position your vessel can make all the difference in your success. Whether you opt to drift or anchor, understanding how to approach these areas without spooking the fish is crucial. In this In The Spread video, Capt. William Toney shares his expert techniques for boat positioning and bait presentation.

This video covers:

  • Techniques to Avoid Spooking Fish: Learn how to quietly maneuver your boat and minimize disturbances that can alert redfish to your presence. Capt. Toney demonstrates how to use wind, current, and stealth to your advantage when approaching mangrove shorelines.
  • Tips on Bait Presentation: Discover how to present your bait in a natural and appealing manner without alarming the fish. Capt. Toney shares his insights on casting techniques, bait placement, and how to use the movement of your bait to entice redfish to strike.

In addition to these key topics, the video is packed with a wealth of other valuable strategies that can help you elevate your redfish fishing game. From understanding tidal influences to identifying prime redfish holding structures, Capt. Toney leaves no stone unturned in his quest to share his knowledge with anglers of all skill levels.

By watching and learning from this In The Spread video, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how to approach redfish fishing near mangrove shorelines. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, the techniques and tips shared by Capt. Toney will undoubtedly help you improve your catch rates and enjoy more successful days on the water.

What are the best baits for catching redfish?

Live baits such as shrimp, crabs, and baitfish are highly effective for catching redfish. Capt. Toney demonstrates how to catch fresh bait right next to the boat.

What type of fishing tackle is recommended for redfish?

The choice of rods, reels, lines, and leaders depends on the fishing location and the presence of other game fish like snook and tarpon. Capt. Toney provides detailed insights on his preferred tackle setup.

How can I avoid spooking redfish while fishing?

Proper boat positioning and bait presentation techniques are crucial to avoid spooking redfish. The video covers tips on how to approach and present your bait without alarming the fish.

Can I still catch redfish in heavily pressured areas?

Yes, using the right bait and techniques can help you catch redfish even in areas with high fishing pressure. Capt. Toney shares his expertise on how to successfully target these fish in such conditions.

Where can I find more information on fishing for redfish?

Watching our collection of Redfish videos is a great starting point. You can also follow Capt. William Toney's work as a Florida inshore fishing guide for more valuable insights on redfish fishing.

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Captain William Toney

Captain William Toney, a Florida native, is a fourth-generation fishing guide known for his expertise in Redfish, Sea Trout, Mangrove Snapper, Snook and other fish species. He is a licensed and insured guide, a Homosassa Guide's Association member, and hosts 'In The Spread', an online fishing instruction platform. Toney's expertise in redfish, tides, and bait presentation is unparalleled, and he shares his knowledge on seasonal fish migration patterns and tidal flows. His dedication to passing on his knowledge to younger generations is invaluable.

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