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Rigging Lures for Blue Marlin Fishing with RJ Boyle

Part 3 of the Offshore Trolling Lures and Rigging Marlin Lures video: Rigging Tools and Rigging Marlin Lures with RJ Boyle

There may be no saltwater fisherman more anal about their rigging tools and tackle than RJ Boyle. The guy is meticulous about keeping his tools and tackle super clean and more than organized. You have to rig right to get tight is certainly a fisherman to learn from. RJ started out as a mate on a commercial fishing boat targeting dolphin and wahoo. The nature of this type of fishing requires that you be very efficient with how you rig baits. Boy did he study up. He then moved on to fishing big money tournaments for blue marlin and wahoo. Today, RJ is the owner of a premier big game fishing tackle shops and considered one of Florida's best daytime swordfish pros. He and his shop do a truck load of bait rigging for all kinds of fishing. I would gander to say that RJ is probably one of, if not, the most fundamentally sound fishermen, when it comes to tackle, knots, connections, bait rigs and rigging marlin lures.

The first thing you get in this marlin lure video is a lengthy and very thorough examination of all the tools and ingredients you will need to rig offshore trolling lures. From heat guns, sharpie markers and rigging floss to crimpers, crimps, hooks, skirts, head shapes and cable, you will get a heavy dose of proper preparation. Get you note pad out for this one. There is a load of information in this saltwater fishing video.

RJ follows up the comprehensive presentation on all the tools and tackle you need to start rigging with a step-by-step demonstration on making your own hook set, how to position the rig in the lure skirt and seating it in the hook lock. If you have never watched RJ at work, you are in for a treat. This video makes lure rigging look easy. It is, but you have to do it right. You can really learn sound rigging techniques by watching RJ.

As far as rigging marlin lures, what we offer in this video is advice and opinions. There are a multitude of ways to go about to rig. What RJ is sharing with you is how he does it and his way has worked rather well over the years. Nothing is left out. You will learn every aspect. Take your time and enjoy this instructional fishing video. Never stop learning.

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